the Legendary athlete in the past proved to be excellent and on the field leader, taking the post of General Director of the club, besides many years is the President of the basketball Federation in Rostov region. However, shvaibovich does not lose ties with Belarus and with great warmth said about his homeland.

And how did the woman, now a Muscovite, was in Rostov-na-Donu?

Elena shvaibovich: I’m a retired player of capital “Dynamo” in 2000, then head coach and the head of the club, Olympic champion Tatyana Ovechkin was organized by I smart off, even the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has sent a letter of thanks. I was allocated an apartment in the Metropolitan area Mitino, became the Muscovite. In 2001, gave birth to their first son, Ivan, in a few years, he had a brother Matthew. In 2003, my husband Alexander Kojinov with a childhood friend Andrei Vedisheva were invited to the shores of the don to organize and lead BC “Lokomotiv-Rostov”. I, of course, my husband and I moved.

further in terms of basketball?

Elena shvaibovich: once you Master the don, initially played for the veterans, commented on the matches on local television. Eventually, by 2005, formed an initiative group with the idea to recreate the city’s women’s masters team. And we started in February 2006 with the championship of the southern Federal district. I’m a bit played in that tournament.

Reference lying? Career suddenly continued?

Elena shvaibovich: , If only for statisticians. It was a 4-tier championship. Russia.

Olympic gold in 1992 was won by two girls from Minsk “Horizon”. Irina Sumnikova then began to play for Russia, you’re Belarus. Why?

Elena shvaibovich: Before the selection for Euro 1995 I was called in Polish Poznan, where I played for the local “Olympia”, was invited to the national team. Agreed, I have issued a new sports citizenship. Ira chose to play for Russia.

Consider yourself a representative of a basketball – Belarusian or Russian?

Elena shvaibovich: Soviet. I grew up in of the player in the Soviet times, the Olympic champion was in the United Team. Here it was, in fact, the national team of the CIS.

As the path started in the sport?

Elena shvaibovich: Lived in the Pervomaisky district of Minsk. When I was in 4th grade, came to the school coach, has offered to play basketball. Alexander Nikolayevich Malashko, in the Minsk sports school got the skills on the entire sport life – dribbling, shooting, technique pass. In 1983, when I was 17, moved to the command of the Higher League of the championship of the USSR “Gorizont” (Minsk). There Semyon Lvovich Chalupsky instilled in me and tactical awareness, etc., needed to play at the top level. �� 1989 “Horizon” has won “silver” of superiority of the USSR, I was invited to the national Union.

What are the reasons for the Olympic champion was then playing for Belarus in all sorts of qualifications of the European championship?

Elena shvaibovich: Material – no, the patriotism of clean water. But in terms of sports I am really “wound up”, when before Euro 1999 we managed to get one round of selection. Then in the second stage did not have just one victory to go to main event.

Often in Belarus?

Elena shvaibovich: of Course. Live in Minsk with my mom and brother. Father, unfortunately, recently passed away. In the capital of Belarus – childhood friend. Plus our BK “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” periodically plays in Belarus tours the European women’s basketball League, EWBL. Including my native “Horizon”.

prefer That of the national cuisine?

Elena shvaibovich: Love the pancakes! And friedge, in other words, for Russian beetroot soup. My mum just lean on these dishes. But the friedge for children, husband and home cook constantly, pancakes less often – it’s too difficult and time consuming to grate the potatoes. Just time is sometimes not enough.

back to basketball. The most memorable matches in your career?

Elena shvaibovich: of youth thought basketball temporary occupation. Thought, play in the “Horizon” and go to work in the specialty. I graduated from the Minsk Polytechnical Institute on a speciality “the engineer of electricity supply”. Mentally going somewhere in the plant, however, after the Olympic victory was invited to the Polish “Olympia” from Poznan. Spent there a couple of good seasons, again was going to “wrap it up”. Called in Germany, I hesitated, but then called Ovechkin invitation to Moscow “Dynamo” – and all this lasted for another six years. And memorable matches… With the sign “minus”: the second game of the super final of the USSR championship-1989 CSKA – “the Horizon”. In the first match we won in the second leg I was very wrong, and then crying by “gold”. The best games, probably, can select from four. In 1985, the Federal team in the United States won the final of the world Cup at Korean women. At the Olympic games 1992 semifinal against the Americans. Broke them further in the fight for the title of the Chinese against us has not had a chance. In 1993, after winning the semi-finals of the Eurocup with the French club at the station in Poznan, we have arranged superstretch – flowers orchestra. And finally, the finale of the championship of Russia-1998 – against CSKA, I scored 31 points.

in General, happy with his life in professional sport?

Elena shvaibovich: have no regrets. Always opened new horizons. Agree, my team in Minsk was a beautiful name. And the Olympic gold medal there, and already in a new status has been created from scratch good��NDU in Rostov-on-don. Have a favorite work, a loving husband, two grown-up children. To complain to me than that.