All Federal cultural institutions will be closed for visitors

Measures to prevent the spread of viral diseases at the Taganka Theater Measures to prevent the spread of viral diseases at the Taganka Theater
Photo: Sophia Sadurska / AGN “Moscow”

the Ministry of culture ordered to suspend the admission of visitors to all Federal cultural institutions. This is stated in the order of March 17, published on the website of the Federal office.

“In order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection in the territory of the Russian Federation ordered the heads administered by the Ministry of culture of museums and organizations engaged in exhibition activity: to suspend the admission of visitors to museums and organizations engaged in exhibition activity. Additionally, leaders administered by the Ministry of culture theaters, Philharmonic societies, circuses and other organizations for the performing arts, and organizations engaged in public demonstration of films: to suspend the operation for visitors,” – said in the text.

Informed about the closure have already announced the Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin, the Tretyakov gallery, Historical Museum, Victory Museum, Moscow Museum of modern art “Garage” and a number of other Federal, city and private museums. The Bolshoi theatre and several other theaters canceled screenings of the productions. Some of the performances will be presented in the online format, the rest will be refund. The library also suspend operations, reports TASS.

In the Ministry’s comments the cultural figures who supported the introduction of restrictive measures. “I really hope that EPidemia will decline, and you will not need to renew and extend the quarantine. This measure is timely and necessary – it was important not to be late, not to wait until the situation gets out of control, as happened in many other countries”, – said the Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia Alexander Kalyagin. He urged his colleagues “not to panic, and continue to rehearse, build plans, take advantage of your free time and reread all pending plays.

“I Think for every creative person every pause in active work – this is the time that will not be in vain”, he added.

Director of the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin Marina Loshak encouraged to use new realities for the introduction of modern technologies in the institutions. “We need to seize this moment to build a new communicative connection with our visitors through online resources that are incredibly active today, and which often supersede offline”, she said.

the Decision of the Ministry of culture and close access to the museums and theatres Marina Loshak called “timely, relevant and correct”.

the Director of the Museum of the victory of Alexander the Student acts in the same direction and is preparing to teach children patriotism with the help of online programs. “Our online excursions in the format of exciting quizzes will help children not only to take their free time and learn a lot about the heroic history of their country. Thus, access to the Museum of Victory will remain open to them even in the current situation,” he explained.

we will Add, from March 16, the Ministry of culture is recommended to exclude mass events in educational institutions – universities, schools and colleges; to prohibit the participation of students in creative activities on the territory of other cities, regions, and States; to enter the holidays, or to organise transfer of students on distance learning or individualto provide curricula to the normalization of the epidemiological situation; strengthen measures to ensure safe living conditions in the dorms.

what Happened at the end of 2019 in Central China outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus the disease has spread to more than 130 countries and has been recognized by the world health organization (who) pandemic. According to the latest data, the world has infected more than 180 thousand people, about 7 thousand died. Russia has registered 114 cases of infection.