All evacuated from China, the Russians will have a two-week quarantine

a Resident of Wuhan city, a native of Tver Sabina Polyakova decided to leave the epicenter of the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV home, although not all Russian citizens are ready to leave China and stay there at your own risk. In a live program “60 minutes,” Sabine told about the situation in Wuhan.

“We were told to evacuate a few days ago. Initially didn’t say when exactly, but only on the number of things you can carry, no more than thirty pounds. I don’t know how exactly at the moment the Russian people living in Wuhan, but 140 people will be evacuated tomorrow, February 4, in the second half of the day,” said a resident of Wuhan. She noted that all the evacuees will undergo a two week quarantine in the suburbs. Perhaps Sabine will return to Wuhan, when the situation stabiliziruemost.

“In fact, now I’m not so much worried. Every day we go out in masks. Not many stores, but we can use the service. It’s not such a big problem. Of course, my parents worried about this situation. And so I thought that it would be better for the moment to leave Wuhan,” explained Sabina.

China Experts also point out that the Chinese government is doing everything possible to prevent an epidemic. “A fantastic fake attack on this problem and it is heated not by the Chinese themselves, and goes outside. Teen cutie Sabine is very rightly said that now the city is calm. You should not panic,” said the sinologist, Professor of the HSE Alexey Maslov in the program “60 minutes.”