Norderney The beaches are empty of people, now the work rests also on the construction sites.

Because of the state of emergency by the Corona-crisis must now leave the vacationers also all the craftsmen of the East Frisian Islands. This was set Monday morning by General orders.

For the island of Norderney, Juist, and Baltrum had decided that the district of Aurich Tomorrow. In the afternoon, Spiekeroog, Langeoog, and Wangerooge, followed, after agreement was reached between the competent districts of Aurich and Friesland on this measure.

The police has also taken care of on the island of Norderney for islanders and tourists, the Corona measures to implement photo: dpa

The police supported the implementation of the measures until Monday, two days long with a large contingent to the Islands.

The former regime “of tourists out craftsman clean” had taken care of some of the people, for the displeasure.

For example, in the case of Anke Schweers (52), seriously ill Wangeroogerin. Her daughter is currently in training on the mainland, had to relocate their primary residence there. In their spare time, especially on the weekends, has taken care of the daughter, however, and the sick father.