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“eggs, we need eggs” for RTL-Moderator Thomas Wagner and FOCUS Online columnist Mike Kleiß to life motto, which has actually invented Oliver Kahn. Both podcasters just need these days really the eggs, because you do not have to be informed in a very clear claim to self: 20,000 subscribers and 60,000 regular listeners to, even if the League plays.

Wagner and Kleiß through. And provide us in this episode with all the relevant topics to the League, international football and the current state, in terms of the football and the crisis. Wagner is very personal. He reported, which makes Corona with him professionally, and mentally. And with all of the colleagues who work for and with the football.

To Wagner and Kleiß have a special idea: The EM is, but not for listeners of the podcast. Now both look back on all the EM-tournaments. And you can start today with the first European championship, which was held in 1960. Football romance, the football heart needs in these times.

FOCUS Online eggs, we need eggs – the football-Podcast

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