In July and August, pupils of 9-11 classes of the Metropolitan schools are invited to participate in the program “go to College online.” This part of the project “Professional holidays”. Each of the four program threads will last a week, and the first starts on July 4.

Under the supervision of psychologists, the students will undergo a vocational test, make a map of professional interests, and then learn about the offers of the labour market that are suitable for them.

participants Also will meet representatives of the Metropolitan College, who will talk about the features of income this year. Among the program partners the College of architecture, design and reengineering No. 26, Moscow state educational complex, College of service # 3, College, Russian state University of justice, and the Institute of vocational education named after K. D. Ushinsky.

All students will receive a certificate of completion of an educational program.

the Program “go to College online” is implemented in the Professional environment of the urban education project “of the Sabbath Moscow schoolboy”. To participate in the program, simply register online.