13. Tesla Model X

no other model you pay so much for a kilometre, even though you get to at least 375 kilometres for a 98’090 CHF: a total of 262 francs we have to pay in the Model X with standard range, to drive a kilometre.

12. Audi E-Tron

Audi is coming late with its E-Tron and want to roll up the field from the back – also in price. 358 km range from 89’900 Swiss francs in the SUV from Ingolstadt 251 Fr./km.

11. Mercedes EQC

In Stuttgart, Germany with 212 Fr./to be slightly more favourable In the second half of the year, the EQC from Mercedes, the cost is from 84’900 Swiss francs, and 400 kilometers, the range offers starts.

10. Tesla Model S

Again, Tesla is in the Top Ten. However, the Model remains S 93’090 francs, and the 450 kilometres above the 200 mark. The E-kilometre costs 207 francs in the purchase.

9. BMW i3s

BMW’s electric compact car i3s comes from 49’900 Swiss francs, with 270 km of range. This is less than the first price of 200 Fr./km – power 189 Swiss francs.

8. VW E-Golf

Be conventionally-powered brother occupied Top places in the sales statistics, but here the electric VW Golf ranks in the midfield. 40’550 Swiss francs, it offers 230 kilometres, which 176.30 francs per kilometre will be charged.

7. Jaguar I-Pace

just favorable for the Jaguar I-Pace. Although the Swiss car of the year from 82’800 Swiss francs, more than twice as expensive as the e-Golf, the electric kilometers with 176.20 francs to ten centimes cheaper. Because for the high price, there is ordinary 470 kilometers of range.

6. DS3 cross back E-Tense

Nor is patience, but when the electric DS3 cross back will be launched in 2020, the cost of kilometers of only 141 francs. The E-Tense offers from 45’to 100 Swiss francs to 320 kilometers.

5. Opel Ampera-E

From the beginning, was able to score Opel Ampera-E with its stately range of 380 kilometres. Even if the price has risen from 52’700 Swiss francs in the meantime, a little, the Opel e-bike with 139 Fr./km a cheaper Deal.

4. Renault Zoe

Despite the lowest entry price of 37’650 Swiss francs for the Renault over scars Zoe just missed the podium. Because at a range of 300 kilometers, a Kilometer still costs almost 126 Swiss francs.

3. Nissan Leaf

At the sales figures of the Nissan Leaf won in Europe in 2018, the Gold medal; the price-performance ratio, it is enough with 124 Fr./km for Bronze. 385 miles cost the Japanese 47’690 Swiss francs.

2. Tesla Model 3

In the third attempt, a cheap E manage Tesla-mobile. The forthcoming basic Version of the Model 3 creates from 49’190 CHF 415 km. Thus, the electro-kilometre costs 119 Swiss francs. But that was good enough only for silver.

1. Hyunda Kona Electric

The electric-only range is at Hyundai 105 Fr./km at best. Even if the starting price of the 46’990 CHF still looks to be a bargain, make the proud 449 miles on the Kona Electric for the price-Kilometer winner.

In the list, the two electric Smart EQ Fortwo and EQ Forfour, as well as the Hyundai Ioniq, Electric lack. For these three Stromer, only coverage data, according to the old test cycle for measuring fuel consumption NEDC available. Because in the case of the other 13 electric car, the range is based on the reality surrounding the WLTP test cycle, which is since last September, for the type-approval, would be a comparison unfair. Since the WLTP-measurement, behavior of the driving on the road more in line than the laboratory values of the NEDC, WLTP fuel consumption values are higher, the ranges thus lower. The effective range of the Stromer in the everyday life of the different measuring change nothing process of course.

The Figures on the NEDC stromer Hyundai Ioniq Electric: 38’990 Swiss francs, 280 km = 139 Fr./kmSmart EQ Fortwo: 24’900 CHF, 148 km = 168 Fr./kmSmart EQ Forfour: 25’900 Swiss francs, 148 km = 175 Fr./km