Alisa calm of the users meditation

the Voice assistant of “Yandex” learned to play music for meditation. As reported Вестям.Ru in a press-service, a compilation of relaxing tracks “will help not to go crazy in quarantine.”

a New feature available at “Yandex.Station”, “Yandex.Station Mini” and other smart columns with “Alice”. To begin the session, you need to contact the assistant with the phrase: “Alice, turn on meditation”.

available In a choice of three modes: normal, sleep and relaxation. Users can configure the session timeout (default is about 10 minutes), asking about it assistant (“Alice, off in half an hour”).

“During the session, listen to slow music, and a pleasant male voice tells what to do and where to direct attention, – said in “Yandex”. The meditation lasts about ten minutes, and then turn on a playlist with relaxing music.”

Earlier this month, Alisa learned how to read texts on websites. For example, the user can listen to an article of interest during the walk, removing the phone in his pocket. New ability “Alice” is currently available only for Android and Windows platforms.

Text: To.Hi-tech