AliExpress is returned to normal operation

“the Detainees in the previous month and a half parcels will be transferred to delivery within 10 days”, – stated in the message of the company.

Photo: Reuters/Aly Song sanitary doctors estimated the risk of infection by a coronavirus via the parcel from AliExpress

during February and March due to the introduction in China of the quarantine most of the Chinese manufacturers could not send the orders as normal. Now enterprises of China gradually recover the regular operation mode, recovers logistics. March 16 was the last recorded cancellations on the part of sellers, payment for them will be refunded to the buyers.

Users who are faced with the delay of the goods, the company offers coupons with payment on your next purchase depending on the duration of delay for a total amount of 90 million rubles.

During the quarantine of the PRC (February-March 2020) on “AliExpress Russia” sales of Russian suppliers rose 20%, an unprecedented growth among local manufacturers, the company said.