Alice Kazmina and Andrei Arshavin

clashes between Andrey Arshavin and Alice Catimini continue. The couple who have been married for about seven years, failed after a breakup to remain friendly. According to Alice, the player has deleted their joint daughter, three-year Esanu of life.

Arshavin Himself says that he “never had any problems in communicating with the children.”

Even the little daughter of the second wife called me dad. I do miss her, and the eldest son of the second wife, because I have them too, was a great relationship,

he said.

it Turned out that the children he had not seen for more than a year. Moreover, the host had blocked their contacts in their phone, which greatly offended them.

Andrew is a pathological liar with regards to children. Yes, when we were a family, all went well, but now… Alice, my middle daughter, still waiting for him, did not understand that “daddy” is gone. No holidays will do the same, or just call — the phone is blocked. What she did to him?! What prevents to communicate? Yes, senior he really mad, he’s hurt, and now my son is at that age when it seems that all that was before, — false,

— said Kazmin of the “StarHit”.

esena he doesn’t need, she probably doesn’t remember dad, when he finally Matures and wants to see the baby. The most beautiful age of the baby now misses for the other girls and use your time. Perhaps he wants to wait to be able to meet them. But it will happen if it’s other children. They are open for communication! And what happens, make it hurt

she added.

According to the ex-wife of a football player, he pays child support (about 340 thousand) for the child, but from home, a mansion in St. Petersburg, expels them.

Is the situation repeated? The ex-wife of Andrei, Yulia Baranovskaya, too, admitted that he was not interested in their children: Artem, Yana and Arseny.