Alfons Higl: you could say That (laughs). Ludo was simply too fast, I could no longer hold him. But now serious: I think we handled all of the FCZ, this season so far are very respectful with the opponents and the referees. There is also no reason to complain. I can tell you: In the Premier League, the referees are not better than in Switzerland. The Refs here do a great Job.

no, this is my full Seriously.

The game was just so much fun, and the people were delighted. And for us on the side-line nerves, it was brutally exhausting, Marcel Koller was applied in between a lot. But why the Fans come to the stadium? To experience emotions and to see. And Ludo stands for Temperament and emotion. Therefore he is also loved by many. Now he has to learn to combine his temper and to direct you in the right direction.

Yes. I used to be a lot more emotional. That comes with age and experience.

Ambitious, ambitious, intelligent, strong, and of course emotionally.

no, pleasantly, he was not. He is very intelligent, has also asked some things behind. Ludo has never taken a sheet before the mouth, was honest and direct. A guy with leadership qualities. Yes men, there is not enough, bring more of you.

We play away against the Champions and Leader, sure, we are geeks. But we may also win. I’m much more optimistic than before.

I think we have found us, show team spirit and fighting spirit. As a Bua in Basel, Sohm has fouled, have defended our players Sohm too little. Quite different on Sunday: There has been used from each. This shows that We are well on the way.

I will address in the main cabin, the last words to the team, on the Bank the responsibility for the Coaching wear, and after the game the media Red-and-answer nothing, else actually.

no. But I assume that he will be satisfied with my work.