Today, the world’s Fifth Alfa wants to score-Clean (12 points) for the first time this season with two cars. Team Manager Beat Zehnder: “If you’re from the Crashes out of the can, a little luck and a good wind shadow caught, is also in the race of all the positions, everything is possible.”

The Hinwil cheered in Baku on 8. Start course duration the burner Kimi Raikkonen (39) and the Italian Antonio Giovinazzi (25). This suggested for the first time, the Finns in the internal duel, back as the Eighth of ten criminal courts – in the second-to-last row. “I’m going to give everything. I know and love this unique track, since my formula 2 Victories in 2016, deep in my heart.” The last 7 had Clean brought to 2018 in Brazil both cars into the Top Ten finals. Ericsson, 9. Leclerc.

The first formula 2 race yesterday in Baku was for Mick Schumacher (20) after eight rounds to the nightmare: screwdriver and failure! “It was probably my fault,” said the Pilot, who is always in the centre and under pressure. And the enemies are still too strong for the world champion-son. “On Sunday, the time for the rematch!”. Since Schumi starts here, in addition to Alesis’s son Giuliano from the last row. It won Aitken in front of de Vries, the King and the new overall leader Latifi. The Swiss: 12. Boschung, Delétraz was.

Bernie Ecclestone (88) is in the 1001. Race back again. He flies away during the race, as to its earlier times – before the chequered flag, with the private jet. “To Zurich. Because on Monday I will visit with my wife Fabiana friend Niki Lauda in Switzerland. It’s supposed to go with him again.” Nine months after the life-lung transplantation in threatening in Vienna.

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