the founder of the party “New people” in the program “Personally Yours” Alexei Venediktov at radio “Echo of Moscow” told about how to create a new type of party and how does it differ from the current parliamentary parties. For the upcoming September elections in regional legislative Assembly “New people” put forward 600 candidates.

If you have achieved recognition in business, you have a working schema, then why go “into the pit, into politics”? With such an acute issue began an interview with Alexei Venediktov. This is one of the main points of interest to those who follow the party “New people” and its leader Alexei Nechaev.

“first, you have someone the quality to turn in a decent place. Second: there is a logic of intentions, but there is a logic of circumstances. And, probably, one after the other I dragged into this policy. I often discuss the situation with friends and colleagues. They ask which country will grow our children what they can achieve? It is obvious that our country needs builders, not asking for money, and all the necessary trying to create their work. For yourself and for others. But the country needs many things, ranging from good food and good cosmetics to good missiles and good fighters. It’s all area of development. Now it has become a driving factor in the creation of the party”.

Nechaev noted that working in the commercial sector, used to serious competition, including at the global level. Therefore, political competition does not frighten him. Moreover, the current parliamentary parties are one and the same. This is one party – the party of rent.

“All State Duma today is a party for rent. See for yourself. United Russia says: “We will give all of the money.” The opposition says: “No, you have to give more money. It’s all party of distributing money. But if you give away all the money, and the opposition offered to distribute in a period of quarantine to half the Federal budget – how to develop the country?”.

Aleksei Nechayev sure that along with the party rent needs to be another party – the party of development. And “New people” have the potential to become one of the factions of a party.

“We saw the “New people”, as the party of the educated class, the party of young people who had built their lives and their country equip. And we see that in this party there is a request,” said Nechayev. Today our party is such a platform where people can realize different projects, different ideas. This is the format of the party of new type”.

According to him, many of the party’s candidates – professionals with an active civil position. Previously, they were not going to go to the deputies. But even if they are not elected, these people will still benefit:

“There is such a word: perseverance. And if you do your thing, be you a member or not, you all��but going to do it. With MP you can just make it more powerful. Is this the amp your signal, but you do it regardless of whether you elected, or not elected,” – said Alexey Nechaev.