Alexey Molchanov: Ducking, we learn to deal with their fears

Lovers of underwater photography, this film will be especially interesting because for the first time in Russian cinema filming took place in real depth, without the use of special effects. Volgograd is a movie called, I think, mostly because Natalia Molchanov – our compatriot, though I was born in Ufa. Almost half of the amazing life of the famous athletes who lived fearlessly, and died in unusual circumstances, held in Volgograd. About this period, and much more the newspaper “Uryupinskaya Pravda” talks immediately after the release of the film with Alexey Molchanov.

Alexey, we are proud that 22-times world champion in freediving, a person with a unique body potential and a tremendous strength of will Natalia Molchanova started career in Volgograd. Tell us, how did Natalya Vadimovna with our city, what is most memorable to you?

Alexey Molchanov: she and I Have with Volgograd is full of warm memories. Mom graduated from the Institute of physical culture, where he studied high-speed kind of diving. Worked for a long time, a children’s swimming coach and 40 years old, awakens the possibilities of freediving (diving on a single breath, without special breathing apparatus – approx. “RG”), went to Moscow, where he worked at the Russian state University of physical culture, sport and tourism at the Department of extreme sports. I was born in Volgograd, where I lived until there for 15 years, has not yet arrived in St. Petersburg school of the Olympic reserve. Studied in gymnasium № 7 in Krasnoarmeisky district. At that time there were a lot of opportunities and good teachers to do anything – for example, seven years of studies at music school on a violin class, was fond of chess, Taekwondo. And, of course, from early childhood, my mother trained me in swimming. So all through my childhood, left in my head, due to the training, the Volga, the country, grandfathers-grandmothers, who live now in Volgograd. They are already old, they more than 90 years.

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Released film called “a biopic about the Queen of freediving” and compare with “deep Blue” by Luc Besson. Is the picture true?

Alexey Molchanov: of Course, this film is dedicated to Natalia Molchanova, but it’s not a documentary, and the story of the protagonist – not your mother’s life. Family situation, some of the sports moments in the film – a fiction, intended to show the life story of a woman overcoming fear and uncertainty. But the fact that she is 40 years started this way, making the most protracted dive to a depth the same as that Natalia Molchanova was very strong, determined woman, whose identity is difficult to reflect in the film.

I Think her life and achievements in sports beats any movie. Herself became a coach, have developed unique methods that contradict the accepted laws of physiology. Set the women’s record breath hold of more than nine minutes, the world plunged into a hundred-meter depth, set 41 world record and, finally, on one breath has panimula through the “graveyard of divers” is a unique Egyptian arch in the famous “Blue hole”. This extraordinary natural gifts, training, or belief in the infinitude of human possibilities?

Alexey Molchanov: To achieve good results is important, of course, human ability and natural gifts, my mom had outstanding. But in terms of training, her discipline, consistency has always been an inspiration to me.

After her tragic death did not want to leave this dangerous sport the bold to the foolishness of men?

Alexey Molchanov: is actually a sport of freediving safer than many sports – for example, skiing – the number of injuries and other troubles. Dangerous diving alone, without a partner, outside of the competition. We are an Egyptian cave was overcome with the mother alone. After she left, I not only left the sport, but also deal with the development of freediving Federation, which she founded, the promotion of the author’s educational methodology Molchanova, modern equipment for freediving. And will I have children, will lead to the sport and them.

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what do you were the first Russians, ponirovsky the arch in the Blue hole, and the other died?

Alexey Molchanov: Yes, from the Russians, we were the first, but have killed the divers and the divers that had been diving, relying on the tanks or gas mixtures. The divers rely only on their own strength.

What is in this depth that causes people to literally turn off the brain, risking blackout, as you call it will lose consciousness, and die from drowning?

Alexey Molchanov: Freediving is diving for euphoria when happy enough just to breathe, said Natalia Vadimovna. I can add that before you dive deep you learn to fully relax, to enter into a kind of meditative state. Everything happens on the sea, in nature, which in itself is very beautiful, and the underwater world really comes a condition similar to euphoria. Finally, freediving is also a way to self-development: ducking, we learn to deal with their fears, and otherwise, if in the Arsenal you have only your own lungs, mask and fins? Diving is a littleth journey that changes your view of the world, to life. It is a sport of self-discovery. That is why the passion for freediving has become a worldwide trend number one.

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you can Watch this movie on a large screen to feel the pull of the depths, its magnetism and the beauty of the endless underwater world. And the audience will have a unique opportunity to see documentary footage involving the Natalia Molchanova. 2 Aug 2015 it dived and disappeared off the coast of Ibiza, Spain. At the end of the movie “One breath” the chronicle show her alive, laughing.