Alexey Kubrin: In Ostrovets is one of the safest stations in the world

Alexei Alexandrovich, at what stage of construction is now a nuclear power plant?

Alexey Kubrin: Let’s just decide: we’re talking about the launch of the first block. Now Russian and Belarusian side on the homestretch: go pre-operation related to the fact that the station is a high risk.

There are also some technical issues related to the preparation of documentation. It makes developed by the Russian side.

When did he start?

Alexey Kubrin: NPP is a very complex object.

the first unit is planned this year, but it will take place barely a few months. The first step is to evaluate the interaction of all elements of the nuclear station. Only then will be fuel loading. Let me give an analogy with a car: as we run the engine in the winter? First warm, then go to low speed and only after that safely we press on the gas. With nuclear power plants the same, only much more complicated. The yield on hundred percent power and then connecting to the energy system of Belarus will be carried out in the same consistent manner.

Why this project is important for the Union state?

Photo: Natalia Fedosenko/TASS military personnel in test mode started to patrol the Belarusian NPP

Alexey Kubrin: Station in Ostrovets – one element of the overall energy supply system and energy supply of our Union state. After the launch of NPP in Belarus will be an excess of electricity, what to do with it besides the fact that it can be sold? Given that today the global trend of environmentally friendly electric transport, hence, we need to think about a massivelythe launch of the electric vehicle. Already there is interaction between Russian and Belarusian enterprises in the field of municipal transport. You know that the buses travel both in Russia and in Belarus. The next step is the creation of the Union of the electric vehicle. Or even line of electric vehicles. But then the question arises: where to recharge? Starting a nuclear station will give the answer to this question.

you Can call the NPP construction allied construction?

Alexey Kubrin: of Course, it is a Federal building. Thousands of specialists from Russia and Belarus took part in the construction of a nuclear power plant. One time in Ostrowiec worked up to seven thousand people! Tens building organisations of Russia and Belarus. Worked and our student teams. This is only one option.

Other funding. NPP is being built with a loan from the Russian side. But, sorry, this loan will be extinguished by the Belarusian side. So, in fact, use financial and credit resources of the Union state. It turns out that it is a Federal project.

the security System of the Belarusian nuclear power plant is an example for all nuclear power stations in the world

Today a lot of talk about the environment of nuclear power plants. How the project is safe as evaluated by the experts of the IAEA?

Alexey Kubrin: IAEA Experts verdict: the security management system for the Belarusian nuclear power plant is an example for all nuclear power plants in the world. Moreover, it is recommended that during the construction of new nuclear power plants to focus on nuclear power plant in Ostrovets. Therefore, we can safely say that completing the construction of one of the safest stations in the world. While no analogues of such technology there.

are there any unique technologies that were specially developed by our scientists?

Photo: press-service of the Balakovo nuclear power plant Balakovo NPP is the leader of the security

Alexey Kubrin: In the first place is a nuclear reactor of a new type. It was developed by Russian scientists. In Nizhny Novgorod is the head Institute, which is a developer of nuclear technology. Enterprises of the Nizhny Novgorod region take part in the supply for the power station and of the blocks themselves, and nuclear reactors. I can’t articulate a complete list of our unique technology, but believe me, they are. Fuel will also be Russian. During the construction of the nuclear plant always additional studies that are conducted by Russian and Belarusian scientists. There is a constant exchange of technologies and training of specialists.

During the construction of the plant in Ostrovets was built new infrastructure and residential complexes. As will further develop the city?

Alexey Kubrin: the House is very good. To the extent that both of them will leave the builders, they will go nuclear. The city will develop: only the staff of about three thousand people should be working at the station. The city will acquire the educational infrastructure, which will prepare specialists for the nuclear power plant. On the basis of such nuclear centers and created science cities. So the Ostrowiec – a great future.


Nuclear power plant in Ostrovets is being built for the Russian VVER-1200 project of generation “three plus”. It consists of two units with total capacity of 2,400 MW. The project complies with the most stringent norms and IAEA recommendations and is distinguished by improved safety features. Construction work on the first generating unit started in November 2013, the second in April 2014. The General contractor is the engineering division of Rosatom (ASE).