I would not call the period that we are calm. It will be difficult, – quotes Mishina press-service of Federation of figure skating of Russia. This will be the period of unrest and trouble. Period, if not injuries, although they are possible, when the functionality of the autonomic system will falter. But with the right approach everything can be overcome. I have no concerns that skaters will fall apart and not be able to jump. Can. And very quickly. But to be ready for the competition – that would be a problem.

However, Mishin urged everyone to look at things more optimistic.

– people have suggested that the figure skaters will perform ultra-si a week after the start of classes. And I would like to encourage the community of skating is not to the moaning and the groaning, and the optimistic view of events, – said Alexey. It would be nice if the athletes shared information: “Oh, I go the third day and did it! Work week and it came out like this!”. I think it will be correct if the information space of figure skating filled with positive news. It will be creative, useful and fair.

At the moment the group Mishina athletes, which includes world champion Elizabeth Tadtayev and European champion Sofia Samodurova, train at home or under the guidance of the coaching staff – coaches fitness Chelushkina Yegor and Igor Afonin and Tatyana Prokofiev, who daily conducts online classes in choreography.