For me, the Phone is still a Sensation. Because two of the people voting are not able to communicate, even though they stand next to each other. Physics or not, the Japanese uh! As gnarly as it was in the year 1876. When Alexander Graham Bell for the first interview in the world. Be unspectacular sentence “Watson, come here. I need you!” was spectacular. Oh Yes, if you type in Google “first call”, appears in second priority to the advertising of a Dating portal: “10 tips for the first phone call”.

No missed calls

Must be something here, because, today, chat and e-mail the people prefer. But they are still there, the callers. Often it is the older of the Semester. Chat goes too long, it can make calls. They will receive the true value of the phone call upright and no missed calls, and in the most impossible situations, stand out. Because who knows whether the other calls ever again! Examples?

“Hoi, wait gschwind, am no on the other phone. To be in a feeding frenzy Chum degrees to resist you,” he into the phone. It follows a short Blah in a conversation. Then he is back. That was quick (sorry, work colleague 1!). Another example (family) chatters more on the other line cheerfully, while he keeps me warm. Annoyed, I hang up every Time and swear in front of me (if you are reading this: please stop doing that!). Another work colleague (sorry!) – also male and Ü50 – and answers the question “am I disturbing?” (totally unreflective! Because if Yes: Take nöd, Gopf!): “Jo, am bim a doctor!” – “Uh, okay, dänn lüt coming back to this initial!” I’m excited and irritated at the same time that it is decreasing.

Previously, I used the listener to not put

in 1995, was on the phone I hours with my best friend. Comments from my relatives – “Now you’ve seen you all afternoon” – I ignored. In the same way as the invoices paid, thankfully my parents. If we both had to to the toilet, not on we the listeners, but merely and parted with a “Wait!”. Since the Phone was really still an important business.