in this newspaper over happiness. It was about how older people find their happiness, even if you have experienced severe blows of fate. You also wrote that sometimes it is there and we recognize it when it is gone. The man looking so tense after that. Almost as if it were another bullet point on the to-do list. But it is now time not to order. Often we do not see the happiness because we don’t have no time, because we are so capable of.

lurking everywhere. They raided it on the way home, between the tram stop and pedestrian crossing. I faced it last week. I know now what, or better who helps me to be in such a beautiful comforting feeling in the heart. At the bus stop stood a young man. Bleached hair, sunglasses, a dark hat. He had a guitar in Hand. In front of him a microphone, to the feet of the bag of his instrument. He agreed to the song “Chasing Cars” by the British Band Snow Patrol. Cheesy, but also beautiful. A wide variety of people remained rooted to the spot, blinking in the spring sun and listened to the young artist. As he the line “Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” (dt. Would you lie to me and just forget the world?) sang, around I forgot for a Moment everything around me.

often you don’t happen to work, have a lot of space, because we rush to the next Meeting. The more beautiful it is, if they catch us unexpectedly and we have to allow it. I thought the Cello players in the courtyard of the Basel town hall, had given me a couple of weeks before, between the red Sandstone walls a feeling of happiness, and threw the singers in Zurich a coin in the guitar case – in retrospect, far too little and climbed into the Tram. From my favorite seat (the seat at the very back) I saw him for a while. The window was open, I put my chin on the edge and closed his eyes. He said: “I now play the last song”, and agreed with, of all things, my favorite song.