Dear residents of the Krasnoyarsk territory!

As you know, yesterday the President of our country Vladimir Putin issued another appeal, which is dedicated to the containment of the epidemic. He gave an assessment of the current situation, outlined the conditions and prospects of lifting restrictions, identified milestones return to normal life. In addition, the President unveiled a new large-scale measures to support the Russian citizens and stabilize the economy.

we Have in the province along with the Federal are already regional mechanisms of assistance that will be supplemented by a second set of proposals. They are aimed at supporting key infrastructure sectors – housing, public transport as well as tourism, hotel business and other.

Despite the peculiarities of our region – and it’s a big area, a complex structure of the economy, we even sought the initial period of the epidemic to pass with a minimum of restrictions. We have allowed trips to garden plots, walking with children in strollers, an individual sport. There are companies that provide up to 85 percent of the gross regional product. This industry, agriculture, mining, energy and much more. More complicated with services, because, according to experts, it is here that the danger of infection is highest.

however, we have the possibility of a gradual transition to normal life in this area. The basis of such intentions lay stable characteristics of the dynamics of the epidemic. The average growth rate in the number of infected was no more than six percent per day, loading of hospital beds does not exceed forty percent.

that is why to date I have completely removed restrictions in 50 settlements. In addition, I have been instructed to prepare a draft decree authorizing throughout the region work hairdressers, tailors, part of the stores of non-food group, and many other services.

But, unfortunately, this decree had to be suspended in connection with the outbreak in the North-Yenisei district. On our largest, gold mining company “the pole” a few days ago identified a hearth, and there is already about 270 infected. We are currently completing the testing of all employees, and that more than six thousand people, and we predict that the number of those who will need medical care, can reach several hundred.

in this regard, In the Severo-Yenisei district a special regime of entry and exit. In place set up a field hospital for 400 people, there is a detachment of doctors. Prepare additional space in neighbouring regions and in Krasnoyarsk, where patients will be transported air ambulance.

Considering�� the situation, in accordance with the requirements I have to postpone the signing of the decree on easing of restrictions. The current regime of isolation extended to 31 may inclusive. In addition, on the recommendation of the chief sanitary doctor in the province introduced the mandatory use of masks while in enclosed spaces and in public transport.If in the coming days, the focus of infection in the North-Yenisei district will be localized, we will be able to return to previous plans.

Dear compatriots!

recently, we celebrated the anniversary of the Victory. The share of the older generation has lived through the greatest difficulties and trials. They’re just not comparable to what we are experiencing today. Let’s be patient and extremely assembled, step by step, we will overcome this difficult period of our journey. We will go through it – go with confidence and dignity! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

by the Way, today is the international day of nurses. Let us all wish them good health, prosperity and inexhaustible energy!