Alexander Tsypkin and Dmitry Glukhovsky will make the first series

Before describing what the main news of this presentation, we will remind that the head of “Yandex-Studio” Olga Filipuk in the fall of 2019 promised in Cannes content market that the new series original production in the spring of 2020 on the “Kinopoisk” will run one per month. Coming in March is the first. Seven Olga Filipuk presented now.

Photo: courtesy Timofey Tribunal will become Vice President of the Corporation in the new film

March 26 – on the platform of “Kinopoisk HD” will be two series. The first “Project “Anna N.” (production company “Environment”) on Android police. In this role, will play Zoe Berber. Director Maxim Pezhemskii. Also starring: Sergey Garmash, Anton Filipenko, Marusya Klimova, Fedor Lavrov, Nikita Tarasov, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Irina Rozanova and others.

the Second project, which will be released on the same day – Comedy “the Last Minister”. Its slogan is “the Country will surprise”. Starring: Jan Tsapnik, Sergey Epishev, Anna chipovskaya, Olga Sutulova and others. Director Roman Volobuyev

still unknown release date of five series. Among them is a mystical detective drama “the Vortex” from the company “Mars Media”. All of the victims in her Teens. Directed By Andrey Zagidullin. Operator Vladimir Bashta. Starring: Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Alena Mikhailova, Aristarchus of wines and others.

Photo: Maxim Fedorov Sakhalin 11 serials will compete for the Grand Prix “the Morning of the Motherland”

the Comedy “Unprincipled” is produced bythe third fashion writer Aleksandra Tsypkina, and this is his first web series with the slogan “Indecent stories about decent people.” Produced by Peter Anurov and Danila Sharapov, the series represents their company “Mediaclose”. Director: Roman Prygunov. Operator: Pavel Kapinos. Cast: Pavel Derevyanko, Mariya shalayeva, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Aglaia Tarasova and others.

the Series “Klickbar” tells the story of the telegram channels, and this is has not been removed. The project was directed by Roman Volobuev. Starring: Evgeniy Stychkin, Anfisa Chernykh, Maxim Vitorgan, Yuliya Snigir.

the Comedy “Anastasia, get it together” – about the female mind. The plot in the mind of one woman gathered as many as five types of the fair sex. Project from the producers of the film “I’m losing weight” and it was represented by Sergey Kornyhin, Nikolai Kulikov and Konstantin Mayer.

According to the scenario of Dmitry Glukhovsky shot the first series. It is called “Topi” and talks about how some young people run from Moscow and fall into the swamp from which they can’t escape, not yet reborn. Director: Vladimir Mirzoyev. Starring: Maxim Sukhanov, Ivan Jankowski, Katherine Spitz, and others.

Photo: film week in numbers: the Serb Milos Bikovich grapples the Russian audience

Another big news is told at the presentation: “Kinopoisk HD” became a partner of the Fund of Roman Abramovich “Quinapril”. Films that appear on this Internet platform: “Air”, “the City fell asleep”, “Criminal man”, “Milk birds”, “Penalty”, “Dorm”, “Hypnosis”, “the Whaler” and others. Among the creators of these paintings is, as the newcomers and renowned Directors: Valery Todorovsky, Alexei German Jr., Dmitry Mamulia and others. The first sign of this cooperation will be Philhim “Fairy” Anna Melikyan. He’ll be in “IMDb” for 30 April and this was stated by the Director of the Fund Anton Malyshev.


At the presentation also said that the new season of “Kinopoisk HD” will offer subscribers more than 50 exclusive premieres of movies and series in different genres. These projects will be released only on the “IMDb HD” from March to September 2020.

In the spring and summer season on the “Kinopoisk HD” exclusive premiere such new foreign television series as “Trigonometry”, “Melomanka”, “Miss Scarlett”, “Messenger from outer space”, “brave new world”, “Alex rider” and many others. Also, subscribers to the online theater will be available the new series of the TV series “Rick and Morty”, “Harley Quinn”, “Batwoman”, “Yellowstone”.

Photo: Capella Fim the 8th of March the car will be released film “a Very feminine story”

Website relies on children’s content. First it has updated its children’s catalogue in the subscription, which will include Russian and foreign popular cartoons – “Malasarte”, “Buba”, “Lady Bug and Super cat”, “Jackson”, “Gravity falls” and others. Along with the long-awaited premiere of the new season classic “Smeshariki” in 2D on the “Kinopoisk HD” will children’s profile with a personal recommendation.

reduce the window between the showing of films in cinemas and their appearance on the “Kinopoisk HD” remains one of the most important areas for the online cinema. In February this year the film “Union of salvation” became available to subscribers after only a few weeks after the premiere in cinemas, and soon movies “Gentlemen,” guy Ritchie, “Lessons Farsi” Vadim Perelman, “Guns Akimbo” with Daniel Radcliffe and many others anticipated film premieres will also be available in the subscription “Kinopoisk HD” pearly immediately after the distribution.