Alexander Robak: from 'brother' romance to king Kong in uniform

episode I the king

Alexander’s Career began at a time when Russian cinema stars in the sky are not enough. However, on the set of the young actor were not that accidental. Before Alexander offered a small episode in slozhnopostanovochnaya the parable of Karen Shakhnazarov’s “full moon Day”, the graduate of the Yaroslavl theatre Institute for four years, played in the Mayakovsky Theater, where he was accepted by the legendary actor and Director Andrey Goncharov. We must admit that in the movie, scenes Alexander sometimes went good (which is typical for the nineties kind uncle next to a Hummer that read, “No, I’m not Byron…” in Balabanovo “Brother-2”), but, in fact, it was a set of provincial thugs, operatives, bodyguards and other men with stern faces. Of course, those who play operatives, age may claim the role of the generals. But Roebuck was also a “plan B”.

Mr. producer

In the beginning Alexander in a pair with his colleague at the theatre Maxim by Lagashkin opens production firm. In those days, this gesture was not so much a deliberate strategy as the response to a large crisis as roles in theater, than he Robak often said in interviews and suggestions to the movies. As I recall the direct participants in the process, at first had a hard time, but gradually the strategy, which can help to produce projects and to be part of, began to turn to the scheme of series production, the benefit to them there was a demand.

the Intention of novice producers to make a feature film about the youth of Eduard Limonov from the side resembled a pure gamble. At the time, he Limonov was in prison on charges of creating illegal armed groups, and this could bury the project. Besides, as the Director planned to bring Alexander Veledinsky, who then did not rush to work other produsulfur. But the film, called “the Russian”, to take place, gathered a lot of good reviews at festivals, opened to the public actor Andrey Chadova, and themselves Roebuck and lagashkin so befriended Veledinsky, then played all of his major paintings, including the famous “the Geographer globe propyl” and the recent “In the port of Cape town”.

Egor Bereavem in the TV series “war of the families”. Photo: still from the TV series

Acting happiness

In the actor’s filmography of Alexander Roebuck for more than a hundred projects. Not all of these movies and shows deserve to be remembered, but the actor is clearly living on the strategy of “not to refuse to work and do everything in the offered circumstances.” And similar circumstances in recent times have clearly changed for the better. Beginning in the Russian era brought strikingb series from the strict dictates of the channels and in industry there has been an enviable recovery. The writers finally got the right to all the liberties, and the Director’s chair took characters who recently contemptuously frowned at the word “series”.

Charisma serious neighbor on the landing even twenty years ago, provides Alexander the role of adult uncles in epaulets or without them. Robak and now plays similar but the only difference is that these characters appear in the series Khlebnikov and Buslov. “House arrest” became in 2018 something of a sensation. The artist, as a screenwriter, wrote this antiderzhavny vaudeville, and Pyotr Buslov, the Director, and Roebuck, Derevyanko, Ukolova and Breakers, as a key part of the action, with incredible enthusiasm brought the author’s intent to hilarious Comedy. The main violin was played by Pavel Derevyanko, but Alexander Roebuck in the role of proletarian communal lands in the parochial electoral process, good to haprilie.

After one such series is not a sin to appear in several no perceptible projects, but Robaco lucky again. First with the dramatic Thriller “Dead lake” in the spirit of Lynch “twin peaks”. And then the drama Boris Khlebnikov “Storm”. Here he is the senior investigator of the anti-corruption Department of the Investigative Committee. In the story of his wife performed by Anna Mikhalkova requires urgent surgery in Germany worth a million euros, and to get the money, the investigator starts a real blitzkrieg of extortion and murder. However, the production routine of law enforcement in the end turn into brand hlebnikovs statement about specific Russian world and absolutely inevitable in this climate of tragedy. And the hero of the Roebuck, originally a villain inevitably becomes king Kong, which, according to the Director, “in one paw gently holding the girl, and the second crushes the city.” Such projects are probably not designed for a large audience, but at the same time can give a great reason all their participants to think about the fact that together they advanced the local series production.

Anna Mikhalkova in the series “Storm”. Photo: still from the TV series

Clan Roebuck

the son of a steelworker and a teacher of the College for the training of Steelworkers was quite illusory plans for a creative career, yet born in Zlatoust Alexander Roebuck was able to make acting their main work. Two marriages he was the father of three sons, and it is possible that at the moment there is a formation of the acting clan Robakov. Younger son Stephen at six years old still has the right to be just a child, but his older brothers already actively exploring the set. Arseny, the eldest son, Alexander, graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and managed in many television and film projects, including with his famous father. The middle son, Plato, starred in “Jumble”, participated in the TV show “Masterchef” and, very likely, doesn’t want to stop there. – Experienced father of the family unlike many colleagues do not see anything wrong with acting dynasty, although she noted that was worried much more than his senior, when he was starring with Arseniy as the son and father. Fans remains to bet who will be the most famous of the clan Robakov. In this long known that the star is rather a luck than a reflection of talent.