Alexander Kerzhakov: is not Enough to be just talented

Alexander Kerzhakov was a successful football player and now hopes to become a strong trainer. Photo: RIA Novosti

Kerzhakov became the senior coach of the youth national team of Russia, composed of players up to 17 years. The assistants he has, by the way, former mate on the “Zenith” Vladimir Bystrov. In November last year, the wards Kerzhakov came in the elite round of the European championship. But when it takes place – the big question. And all because of a pandemic coronavirus, which covered the whole world.

In an interview with “RG” Kerzhakov has shared his feelings about coaching, the ending of the season and called Alexander Kokorin best potential striker in the country.

Interested in being coach of the Junior team? No desire to take the next step?

Alexander Kerzhakov: I lead the team from March 2018. But during this biennium, as such, practical work training and participation in competitions – I don’t have much. In total will be typed 2.5-3 months. The rest of the time more engaged with the selection and tactics, view rivals. As for the next step, now I’m completely focused on his work. But in June I have plans for College enrollment to receive a license PRO. In the future I would like to coach the senior team.

one of the former players immediately begins to work in the Premier League club, someone in the lower divisions. Which way is correct?

Alexander Kerzhakov: to lead the team in the Premier League, you must first at least a year to work under the license of “A”. With it, you can’t coach in the RPL or the first division. In General, all depends on the willingness of children to trust them. I was offered the role of coach of the Junior team, and I immediately agreed. For me it is a great experience, my choice was correct. But I also want to progress and become better.

Coach Junior team – specific profession. Some guys probably need a few times to explain what to do. Patience?

Alexander Kerzhakov: Look, sometimes even in the team of masters players don’t always understand the coaching requirements. This happens for various reasons. As for me, at the beginning of my work, I mean the first two in the collection, it was difficult to get used to the new role. Needed time to clear my head, somewhere to reduce the demands on the performance of certain tactical and technical methods. When you retired, you think that it is impossible to make one or another elementary, in your opinion, over. It is necessary to readjust.

the Decision to postpone the championship for a year I think is right. Football without the fans nobody wants

Alexander Golovin once told me that of Thierry Henry in training “Monaco” sometimes lost his temper and in his example, showed the players how and what to do. This doesn’t happen?

Alexander Kerzhakov: Happened. I think this is normal, if the coach can show a particular technical element. This is, firstly, provides an incentive to the players. They understand that these things are doable. Second, it’s easier, visual way to explain to guys that they misunderstood. But we must remain calm and in any case not to be nervous.

Photo: REUTERS European championship on football has moved from 2020 to 2021

we Have every year a lot of talk about the shortage of talented people. They are really little?

Alexander Kerzhakov: They are, and in the teams of almost all ages. Here an important role plays the issue of trust. If the coach or RPL of the Premier League has carte Blanche, he should be put on the youth. But the guys also have to understand that not enough would bebe only talented. Need to be hardworking, learn and be a learner. 18 years is not the limit of learning. You must have the dedication and desire to Express themselves. Without this it is impossible to draw attention to themselves. You know, the Premier League clubs sometimes there are players who do not give 100 percent. In such a situation it is better to field young guys who have the desire.

Sometimes guys approach you for advice? Not necessarily football, for example, everyday.

Alexander Kerzhakov: We are not seeing a lot of them on average seven days in 1.5-2 months. They have a club coach that they can share some thoughts. I’m always open for guys. They know the requirements of our headquarters, some foundations. Maybe someone hesitates to come to me, and they go with some questions to my assistants. But again: we don’t have much time to solve some domestic points. We are going only for a week, train a couple of times and participate in competitions.

Photo: Alexander vilf/RIA Novosti Denis Cheryshev revealed the coronavirus

No desire to work every day as a coach? Not enough adrenaline?

Alexander Kerzhakov: of Course, I want to. Here it is not even about adrenaline. I love my job. But now I associate myself with the coach, making the first microsteps in football a new path. I want to work every day, to realize all that I have in mind on the field. It’s hard to do in the team, because essentially no time to convey all your thoughts to the guys. There are superficial things that are easily digestible in a short period of time. And there are subtleties that require more time to understand.

Let’s talk about the Premth scored for Russia, Alexander Kerzhakov. He is the best scorer in the history of our team

How do you like our group in the European championship?

Alexander Kerzhakov: Smooth, although, of course, the Belgians stand out. But it is still early about something to speak. Here many people think that third match against the Danes will be decisive for us. However, we do not know what will be the situation to the meeting. For example, the world Cup game with Uruguay has not actually been of much importance.

What our team can oppose Belgium?

Alexander Kerzhakov: We spent with them for several meetings. Including two in qualifying. In cherchesova experienced staff. I think they will take down the opponent. The second match against Belgium should not be taken for an indicator. We wanted to play attacking football, because by that time the team still has decided his task. And in the championship no run openly. I believe in our team.

Diseasesand Anatolyevich Kerzhakov

Born on 27 November 1982 in Kingisepp, Leningrad oblast.

a graduate of the St. Petersburg “Zenith”. Played for teams: “Zenit” (2001-2006, 2010-2017), Sevilla (2007-2008), Dynamo (2008-2009), Zurich (2016).

In the national team debuted in 2002. Spent a total of 91 matches, scored 30 goals, a record for the national team. Participant of two world Championships (2002, 2014) and two European Championships (2004, 2012).

the Honored master of sports of Russia (2007). The best scorer in the history of Russian football (233 goals). The best scorer in the history of “Zenit” (161 goals) and team Russia (30 goals).

three-time champion of Russia (2010, 2011/12, 2014/15), winner of the Russian Cup (2009/10), two-time winner of the super Cup of Russia (2011, 2016), winner of the UEFA Cup (2006/07), the Spanish Cup (2006/07) and Spanish super Cup (2007), winner of the Swiss Cup (2015/16).

Nine times fell in the list of “33 best players at the versii RFU” (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011/12, 2012/13). Footballer of the year in Russia (2010), best young player of the Russian Premier League (2002).

From March 2018 – senior coach of Junior team of Russia, composed of players under the age of 17 years.