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Three days ago, the network premiere of the video eldest daughter, 34-year-old singer Glyuk’oza and 47-year-old businessman and music producer Alexander Chistyakov — 13-year-old Lydia Chistyakov, acting under the pseudonym Lidus, introduced the song “Firecracker”. This is not her first musical recording, but it hid his face and concealed his real name. After Natalia the girl’s father commented musical debut daughter on the network.

Alexander Chistyakov said on instagram that over the past six years Lida has released three songs. br>We @glukozamusic decided not to reveal her identity for some time. Wanted to know whether her work the audience and whether it is ready to do music. And so we decided to show our little-big artist— posted by Chistyakov.

Natalia Ionova with her daughters

He confirmed that previously the most Lida words about problems at school, conflicts with the environment and radical changes.
she was a very difficult year. She was expelled from the school where she attended kindergarten. Expelled for nature, for violation of the dress code, because she extraordinary. She studied well. Told us that a week before the start of the school year. She was 12. Fortunately, a month later, she was in a wonderful creative school Sergei Kazarnovskaja. Then there was the desperate search of the fulcrum, making new friends, protests, insomnia. “Firecracker” was written during this period and then we wanted to make a video that will show you what’s in the mind leads, and any teenager in her age. What a flurry of emotions and information they have to process. How difficult it is to meet the expectations of adults and peers. As sometimes want to feel like a little kid and dream about the future, like in a fairy tale. Almost all the images we painted with the words leads or in her drawings. She is very acutely aware of life and lives in your amazing creative world. Good luck, dear!! he concluded.

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Alexander Chistyakov

In a recent interview Natalia Ionova said that the father leads believes in her talent and success, and still requires daughter’s hard work. In the early years Alexander showed in the social network picture, which Lida drew and gave to him.

You never cease to surprise me with a flight to your imagination!

— he signed that photo.

Alexander and Natalia, we will remind, two daughters — in addition to the leads, a couple with eight-year-old Faith. From Chistyakov also has a son Alexander from his first marriage.

Alexander Chistyakovs and Natalia Ionova

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