Alexander Beglov: asking employers to take care of their employees

the Governor of St. Petersburg issued an official appeal to the residents of the city. It is reported by the GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”. The day before he had signed a decree on strengthening measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

the city is prohibited to hold any mass events — cultural, sporting, educational. Until 30 April will be closed the theatres, cinema, museums, zoo. Classes, studios and groups must only be carried out in groups of less than 50 people. Students moved to distance learning.

Alexander Beglov has appealed to all employers asking for the transfer of employees to remote work. If this is not possible — conduct regular dezinfektsionnye measures. All residents older than 65 years are advised not to visit public places, because this age group is at risk.

Separately, the Governor appealed to those who have returned from abroad. People need to call 112 and tell about yourself. If necessary call a doctor.

All relevant information is available on the official portal of the government of the city. According to the latest data, new confirmed facts of infection in St. Petersburg. In the Botkin hospital, there are seven patients with coronavirus. 314 people under medical supervision, 19 of them children.

the city has everything in order to help all its people, the Governor assured. In any case, do not panic, follow the rules of personal hygiene, be attentive to their relatives and friends, said Aleksandr Beglov.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”