A low-pressure system out in the Norwegian sea provides a powerful storm the next day. Lavtrykket now moves inward Nordland and Sweden.

– It means we get a particularly powerful vindfelt of Nordland. In addition, it is sent out farevarsel in Trøndelag and Sør-Troms about the high winds, ” says the on-duty meteorologist Martin Granerød.

He says it can give vindstyrker between small and full storm from the coast of trøndelag to south Troms, norway.

– We will be able to get small to full storm from the coast of Trøndelag and northwards to the South-Troms. It is the areas that are most exposed to northwest wind that will mark the powerful wind, ” says the meteorologist.

the on-duty meteorologist Martin Granerød.

Photo: Solveig Horvei / NRK

It is expected gust with a force of between 30 and 35 metres per second on the most exposed places.

– It is enough to move on both trampolines and garden furniture. We recommend to secure loose items and avoid the traffic on exposed locations. In addition, there may be a good idea to check the vegmeldingene if you are going out in the car, ” he says.

Hurtigruten Ship sailing in the storm

Significant skredfare

Both today and tomorrow is expected to significantly snøskredfare several places in the country.

Odd-Arne Mikkelsen is vaktleder by snøskredvarslinga Care.no.

Photo: Nils Mehren / NRK

– the Challenge is the snow that is being moved by the wind and forms the unstable fokksnøflak. We have now revised upwards to faregrad 3 tomorrow and part of Tuesday in many parts of the country, ” says vaktleder Odd-Arne Mikkelsen by snøskredvarslinga Care.no .

Can provide challenging driving conditions

It is in the course of Sunday night and until Monday morning you will get the most powerful winds, before it gradually subsides.

– In addition, also the temperature is decreasing. It can provide challenges, particularly on the high mountain passes. Combine with rain and powerful wind, it can be blowing snow and difficult driving conditions.

< p> the Storm rages in the north: – Now, it is malabarisk Alerts 15 to 30 centimetres of snow

It is also sent out yellow farevarsel about a lot of snow In Nordfjord and Møre and Romsdal. Nordland.

– in Some places one can get between 15 and 30 centimetres of snow the next day.

In the course of Monday, it is also expected that one win will get strong gust of wind with a strength of around 20 metres per second.

It is also enough that the wind will be able to move on loose objects, ” says Granerød.

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