Aleppo under attack by terrorists

In Syria, the frequent shelling of the southern and Western outskirts of Aleppo. Under fire — kindergartens, schools, hospitals. Among the dead and wounded were women and children. Doctors barely have time to help. Why are the militants, and how they are counteracted by the Syrian army?

District of Aleppo Djadidi, outskirts of the city. Very close to the front line. Traces of blood and scattered textbooks. Killed a nine year old girl. Got a splinter in the heart.

across the street — traces of fire. Concrete ruins, fragments of shells. In this house — mine went straight out the window, and here, fell on the sidewalk. In the crowd of passers-by.

the Surgeons of the city hospital are working around the clock. All operating busy. New fire and a new batch of wounded. Injuries — all similar.

In the latest attack were injured and the famous Syrian musician, and founder of the first in Aleppo, children’s music school. Abdulgani Gillnet in the explosion lost his hand. He is now in intensive care. About his beloved profession — he taught students how to play folk musical instruments — now we have to forget.

From mines and rockets neither walls nor a roof over my head. Almost all the houses in these streets were destroyed. Those who were able, went to relatives, and the rest huddle in the ruins.

Before the militants made another attempt to break into the city. Syrian troops repulsed the attack. On these shots — gunner of the terrorist group “dzhebhat an-Nusra front”(banned in Russia). During the interrogation, Mahmoud says — to fight on the side of the insurgents he was forced by the Turkish special services.

“I decided to run away together with their relatives in Turkey. We were detained by the Turkish police. Said that if I don’t work for them and to fight on the side of “Dzhebhat EN Nusra”, they will kill or arrest my family,” recalls Mahmoud al-Najm.

a Similar story and Hussein Abdul. He says the fight went from pooryou. In the squad he was offered a salary of $ 100 per month.

“I fought in raqqa, Idlib, Aleppo and ghouta. After we performed the task, the curators have ensured our return to Idlib. This time we were surrounded, when we retreated to the Turkish position,” said Hussein Abdul Aziz.

From the attacks today, particularly affected the southern and Western outskirts of Aleppo. People are afraid to leave their homes, risking to be killed. On the line of contact remains a complex humanitarian situation. Now the Syrian army is trying to push back the enemy as far away from the city.