Alena Shishkova

After removing the coronavirus restrictions (say, for a while) life is back to normal, and for the 27-year-old Alena Shishkova this means and return to the previous color of hair: model, repainted in a dark shade in may, has again become a blonde. Today the ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati, with whom she had a daughter Alice, posted on instagram a recent photo, showing the new, but already familiar to her and her followers the way:

I’m back

— simply signed photo with Alena.

the joys of her subscribers that overreacting to everything that happens in the life of the Cone, there was no limit: all of them believe that to be blonde Alena is more. “Much better”, “finally”, “cheers” — back to the roots in comments welcomed.

the Transition of the model to the dark side, by contrast, met with hostility by many then immediately said Anastasia Shishkova copies Reshetova, the current girlfriend of Timothy, which last year had a baby with rapper son of. The comparison was not in favor of Alena, and people constantly asked her why she decided to cosplay as Reshetova.

Neither of which cosplay it is, of course, went, and soon Shishkova itself has placed all points over i: was a brunette she had become, to hide the results of failed experiments with henna.

I have often said that the past six months was engaged in restoration of hair, which by nature I have always been blonde and thick. Modeling since the age of 14, styling, coloring, hair torture had taken their toll. I know I’m not the only one, we are many. After all, how the beauty industry: the more to its services running, the more dependent we become. With the closure of salons is that my mother felt nothing as the only Spa treatment is in the snow after sauna in a country house. All other bit yourself gel Polish, choking on tears, began to paint the roots are in the bathroom. The sly managed to find artisans who were at home or in some dungeon. I was no exception. First with boredom dyed it myself at home with henna. And when the green was unexpected, was to seek a wizard that will fix my color. And you had to light up again, or gentle option — smoked in the dark. In General, I model what I would do and fashionable. Plans for the near future — to be brunette on the outside blonde at heart. And swim in the next wave of your negative,

— as explained Shishkov your beauty transformation.

However, long in this way, as you can see, Alena was going, and when the salons finally opened, she immediately went back to the usual image.