Aleksandar Vucic: This is the hardest day for Europe after the Second world war

he said 27 Mar dire day for Europe after the Second world war, as today, only within a day the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Italy was 969 people, in Spain, 769, and in France the figure for the entire period of the pandemic was closer to the mark in 2 thousand, in Germany – surpassed 300 in Switzerland and 200, and in the Netherlands – 600.

How Russia is helping the Balkan friends in the fight against coronavirus

According to policy, Serbia in the near future also waiting for the deterioration of the situation around the spread of the virus, in this connection, the authorities intend to organise a mass screening of the citizens. At the moment, he said, the number of patients with coronavirus in Serbia reached 528 people, 8 died. “And our hospitals are all filled,” – stated Vucic, and designating the number of hospitalized people – 302.

Recall that on the eve of the radio and television of Serbia reported that the Cabinet of Ministers in its special meeting adopted a decision to appeal for help to Russia in the fight against COVID-19 under the agreement between the two governments on cooperation in the field of emergency humanitarian response.

Photo: Alexei vitvitskiy / RIA Novosti Infected with coronavirus Johnson will continue to lead the UK

In this regard, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the treatment of the brotherly Serbia on the issue of suppression of coronavirus infection will be left without proper attention from the RossiI. “I’m not sure whether appeals through diplomatic channels. In any case, if the complaints were, I have no doubt that they will not remain unanswered and without proper attention. Especially when it comes to such important allied fraternal country like Serbia,” – quoted Peskov RIA Novosti.

it Should be noted that Russia is providing assistance to Serbia in the fight against coronavirus. So, on Wednesday in Belgrade was delivered 15 thousand test systems for studies on COVID-19. In addition, the Russian humanitarian mission (RGM) has responded to urgent requests from the Serbian population and the local medical institutions.