for Details, he called first. Previously, the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” and the “manager magazin had reported” a first Start in-depth branch in the metropolis of Shanghai.

“This is another step in the race of Aldi and Lidl in the world,” said trade expert Matthias Queck of LZ Retailytics of the DPA. Aldi Süd tests Claims to define. Outside Europe, Aldi Süd, is with the Expansion, especially in the United States and Australia in the race uncontested to the front, he explained.

Currently, the stationary business is in China, not a self-runner. Against this Background, it was to see that Aldi Süd is first started only once online in China. “There will inevitably be errors and omissions in the process.” It is assumed that Aldi Süd vortaste initially wary of striking a few stores to test the concept. It should prove to be successful, it would be Aldi Süd in the position to invest in the shortest possible time, vigorously in the Expansion, said Queck. The model of two Pilot stores speak this way.

Aldi go in China, the next step after the discounters have received in the year 2017 with a Online store business in China, reported the “life bsmittel newspaper”. Aldi Süd has established in Shanghai a first loading surface. The German Discount pioneer present significantly higher quality. The traders bet heavily on the Chinese valued import goods from Europe. Through this focus he could appeal to a wealthier clientele. Therefore, business in China is not comparable with the mass of business to the Discounters in other countries. Aldi Süd wool to open in a first step, at least ten markets. Goal will be to operate in the medium term, between 50 and 100 branches to the Central structures utilize economical.

The “manager magazin” reported that the opening of the first Aldi Süd store in Shanghai for the 7. June planned. The Flagship Store should offer the Chinese customers, in addition to the usual Aldi products, fresh fish from a big counter.

Aldi Süd is represented, including its activities in China, in eleven countries with over 6240 branches. The mülheim-based company group has around 149,000 employees. The Essen-based sister company Aldi Nord is a self-representation in nine countries.