After the Break, now Aldi has decided to be hours to suit, as long as the coronamaatregelen apply to you. Aldi-supermarkets will start on Saturday at 18 hours instead of 19 hours is close. Colruyt, Delhaize, Albert Heijn, keep currently being in their normal working hours.

the staff a bit more rest, have a Break and the australian capital territory, and the opening hours adjusted accordingly. Sleep since Wednesday night, an hour less for a long time: up to 19 hours instead of 20 hours and on Saturday up to 18 hours instead of 19 hours. Australian capital territory, and will now be on Saturdays, one hour earlier closed: 18 hours instead of 19 hours. In the week that remains the australian capital territory, and is open from 8: 30 to 19 o’clock.

now, Colruyt, Delhaize, Albert Heijn will continue to have their normal working hours. “We’re going to have our hours to be wider, but not narrow,” says Colruyt spokesperson Silja’s Cock. “First of all, it is the state of affairs in the shops, “file”, and you don’t see the masses of customers. Second, we want to be more than enough to those who still have to go to work.”

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All of the supermarkets seem to be willing to train their staff in one way or the other way to help them is for them when times are tough. The unions are asking for a supermarket in the evening before the closing, and without loss of pay. Other options had extra time off, recuperatiedagen and social security contributions. That’s the only thing about them even the consultation at the sector level. Most of the supermarkets, waiting for that to finish before starting their own initiatives to take on.


Delhaize, will open all the temporary shops and for the employees of the distribution centres in Zellik and Ninove. Some of the centers have a nachtshift in order for the extra work done to get it. Due to the temporary personeelswinkels the workers in their place of work basisboodschappen to do. The Delhaize employees at the moment, a higher discount than on their own purchases.

in the Meantime, all the grocery chains insist that the supply is not interfered with, and that’s all it is. Some of the products are sold mainly products that have a long shelf life, but that is to be added. That complement will take up a lot of time-consuming, so it may be a stretch to still be empty.