Alcohol production in Russia fell in January

the Production of alcoholic beverages in January 2020 in Russia decreased by 17.6% in annual terms, amounted to 9.3 million decaliters, according to the national Union of consumer rights protection.

the bulk of the decrease in production volumes related to the reduction of vodka production in January by 13.7% to 4.4 million decaliters.

the cognac Production in January in annual terms increased by 20.6% to 0,61 million decaliters, champagne and sparkling wines — 23.9%, to 0.84 million decaliters, and ethanol — 1.2%, to 3.83 million decaliters.

the Volume of production of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of up to 25% declined by 3.2% and 0.17 million decaliters, and the production of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content higher than 25% of the volume decreased by 2.8% to 0.46 million decaliters.

At the same time decreased the production of still wines — by 30.3%, to 1.14 million decaliters, fruit (fruit) wines — 19.9%, up 0.55 million decaliters, wine beverages (without added ethanol) — at 74,7%, to 0.4 million decaliters.

the Chairman of the National Union of consumer protection Paul Shapkin explained that the increase in excise duties on wines from non-Russian raw materials, as earlier around 60% of wine production accounted for by this category.