Jack Grealish’s first season at Manchester City was difficult. Now there is more: Instead of good performances on the pitch, Grealish is attracting more and more attention to itself with celebration antics off the pitch.

Grealish’s celebration ecstasies are striking: First he was drunk at the promotion party, now the next alcohol escapade follows at a pool party: Manchester City’s Jack Grealish is attracting more and more attention away from the game.

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Good advice from ex-players: The former Liverpool player Danny Murphy therefore advises the 117 million man to publicly “get out of the line of fire” for the time being and “surround yourself with better people”.

In order to succeed at Man City he needs to change his private life: “He will still have a great career, he will still win and be successful and very wealthy – but will he be the best he can be if he constantly adapts gets into those situations,” Murphy told talkSPORT about the consequences that Grealish’s escapades could have.