Fabio Daprelà’s still in his dirty work clothes, as the offer comes from England. “At the time, I completed an apprenticeship as a operating practitioners in the municipality of dübendorf, when my Manager told me of the offer from London,” says Daprelà.

18 years old he is at this time, already has 31 professional games for GC on the Mogul, worked as a girl for everything. Is time, wait and see, time plumbing, sometimes electrician, sometimes gardener. “Therefore, it has a perfect fit, with West Ham the work of the club par excellence knock on the door has, of all things,” says Daprelà, who comes from the Zurich Working-class neighborhood schwamendingen and as the son of a chef, grew up.

The club was founded in 1895 as the “Thames Ironworks FC” and after a nearby shipyard on the river Thames in West Ham renamed. Since the beginning of the 20th century. Century of the club West Ham United FC name. Today. Over 100 years later, he has preserved his reputation as a workers ‘ Association.

Daprelà: “West Ham is a club with Charisma, the enjoys in the whole of England is a high priority.” Also because he is chronically unsuccessful. Not a single Time, the tradition of the club in its long history, became the champion, only three FA Cup trophies in the club Cabinet, the greatest success is winning the Cup, the Cup winners ‘ Cup in 1965.

Noteworthy: England legend Bobby Moore, who led the Three Lions in 1966 world champion title in their own country, remained West Ham for 16 years faithfully, was master he never. Also, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst and Ray Wilson are the club icons, the ones at the other Clubs more cups would the West have remained Ham faithful. Today, the Quartet of the followers is revered and with a Statue appreciated.

“Fans are going to love Ajeti, because he rips the Jersey”

The Fans it’s not primarily about the trophies, says Daprelà. “You know how to appreciate a sliding tackle almost more than a goal. What matters is the militant attitude that the players on the course apart.” Therefore, the former West Ham professional believes that Albian Ajeti not going to fit in perfectly with the club – even if he was against Manchester city (0:5) on Saturday still.

The national team, the striker moved to the week from FC Basel to London. A good idea to find Daprelà: “The Fans will love him. Because he is a type of player that goes no two fight out of the way, the tears for the Jersey, the lives of his physique.”

Daprelà self can sing a song about it. When he debuted in 2010 in the FA Cup against Arsenal, he got applause when he got a little help from the legs. “At the time, West Ham played in the ancient Upton Park, as the Fans were practically on the edge of the field,” says Daprelà.

there is No comparison to today, where West Ham in the Olympic stadium, in the even of a tartan track at the 2012 games be remembered. 60’000 Fans have a seat, 58’336 came last year in the sectional at the home games.

And, although West Ham remained behind the expectations, the season is only on the 10. Place finished. 46 points behind Champions Manchester city. A number that is likely to provide in so many a West Ham Fan for a shrug of the shoulders. Finally, when you go tradition club in the main, not trophies. But to hard work.

Still without Ajeti West Ham conceded for the season opener against Manchester city a 0:5-swatter: The first Premier-League-round of the new season in the Overview.