He wrote a worldwide hit and died now at Corona.

Alan Merrill (“I love Rock’n’ Roll”) is dead. The Arrows-singer and song-writer died on Sunday at the consequences of a Coronavirus infection. He was 69 years old.

The sad news announced the daughter of the singer in Facebook. “The Coronavirus has today taken the Morning of my father. I was given two minutes to say goodbye to me before I was sent,“ wrote Laura Merrill.

As she walked home, she had a glimmer of hope that he would make it. Because in the past few weeks, her father had been in a good mood, and played for his disease first, “as a cold shutdown”. However, when Laura arrived after a long walk through the empty streets of New York city home, received the news of your death.

The daughter of the musician: “If anything is to be learned from this, then I ask you to take this seriously. Money plays no role. People die. […] Stays at home, if not for yourself, for others … for my father.“