The trip was so worth it, however: Alain Chervet (29) can lace up in the Military World Games in Wuhan (China) for Switzerland, the Boxing gloves. Although he is not a professional Boxer with 19 professional Fights in the battle-the balance sheet, according to the official rules of the games actually, as the participants in question, because he has no Amateur Status.

“Swiss military threatens Embarrassing mishap in China” was the headline in VIEW that’s why – because the army could have selected a athletes for the military games, which is not allowed to start.

Indeed, the military had announced that it out that Chervet be allowed to compete. That Chervets Team tried in the summer yet, to be solved at the Swiss Box-Association for the Bernese, a Amateur license, indicates, however, that it was the thing in anything other than safe.

Comprehensible: for the tournament in China, a responsible world governing body Aiba’s scandal – and corruption shaken, makes anything other than a confidence-inspiring impression. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, Boxing is no longer organized that’s why, for example, as is the case with previous Games of the Aiba.

early Friday morning, but then the all-clear from Wuhan. “Chervet is officially admitted to the Competition”, according to army spokesman Daniel Reist. “As was to be expected.”

At a technical Meeting with the organization responsible for all the ambiguities had been resolved. “For me, it was never an issue that I could not compete,” says Chervet to VIEW. “I always had the feeling that the army has clarified the matter in the run-up clean.”

Aleksei Mazur (Rus), Philip Musariri (Sim), and Dilmurat Mizhitov (Kas) approved in China in addition to the Swiss for more boxers with professional experience.

Now, the Bernese focuses on the athletic part. “I want to come home with a medal,” says the nephew of Boxing legend “Fritzli” Chervet (77). To change back to the Amateurs with only three rounds of three minutes was a challenge. “But I have prepared myself in Training, I can go to the higher Tempo.”

The first task in the Ring turns Chervet on Sunday, if he has ran against the Cameroonian Owonda Leopold. Until then, he still has a little bit of time to enjoy the atmosphere: “I’m excited, the mood is very peaceful, it is between the military athletes all over the world, very friendly and forth. A good experience until now.”