From the Jan-Michael Vincent’s (†73) death certificate shows that the “Airwolf”Star died to a cardiac arrest. The cause of death was natural. It is unclear why his death was after a month of public.

Known Jan-Michael Vincent in 1984 as a helicopter Pilot Stringfellow “Huckleberry” Hawke in the U.S. series “Airwolf”. At the time he deserved with almost 200’000 US-Dollar per episode with a top salary. Prior to that, he starred in films such as “Lassie” and “Bonanza” in addition to roles.

“Airwolf”-From career-at the end of

With the end of the series “Airwolf” was also Vincent’s career going downhill. From the 90s he came again and again, because of private problems, alcohol and bar fights in the headlines. In 1997, he pleaded guilty to under the influence of alcohol accidents in which he was badly hurt. (euc)