On Monday, were announced by the new Airpods Per, on Wednesday, the first copies were delivered. VIEW has tried the new Super headphones from Apple already, and says, where you have to convince – and where not to.

With a shorter shaft, but wuchtigerem ear piece is the Airpods Per in the Hand weird. In the ears but they are subtle and less noticeable than the old models. What is more another color: White. The charging case is not wide and a bit bulky, which interferes with but big.

With clear sound and In-Ear headphones right full-bodied Bass, the Airpods sounds really good. If the Sound is really better than the normal Airpods, comes to the ears of the User. Who has “used real”, big headphones, do not need to be aware that even the best earplugs in the sound quality compares to similarly priced Over-Ear Headphones.

On the push of a button it acts as if you have. no Airpods in the ear

The Airpods Per can for the first time, thanks to microphones and Software external noise suppress This Noise Cancelling works well, but not better than the competition from Sony. Large headphones with the same function are here again clearly. What is positive: The noise suppression is pleasant and does not cause a noise, also if you listen to any music.

Very good Apple of the “transparency”mode is managed. Here are the outside be increased noise, and in the first Moment the impression that you have no earphones in ears. Great, especially how natural it sounds. You can’t hear normal talking to someone and music, the the to. Obs is polite to keep the plugs in there, is a different question.

As usual, you can pair the new Airpods with a few clicks with the iPhone. Also with Android devices that works quite well via the normal Bluetooth settings. However, In combination with Apple devices, you can switch the noise suppression on the Phone and start a Test that checks if everything is good and enough shielding. Too bad this menu item is hidden totally, and only through the Bluetooth settings can be called up when you click on the Airpods.

Apple has built a new type of Touch operation. In the old Airpods you have to tap, two fingers on the shaft to press. Although this is accurate, but also somewhat tedious and tricky. You can stop the new music and between Tracks switch. And, of course, the noise suppression and the “transparency”mode.

The Pro does not fit, in spite of three essays in each ear,

Apple provides three essays. Medium is already mounted, you can exchange them easily against bigger and smaller. But Even this does not guarantee that the Airpods Per are convenient. The In-Ear headphones are a very personal thing. The Tester had to take the largest papers, and the plug properly in the screw, so that the sound is true and the Noise Cancelling works. Nevertheless, the old Airpods force a fuller and more convenient. In the case of other testers, it is exactly Vice versa. Therefore, what is important: You have to try In-Ear headphones, and can’t rely on the judgments of others.

In the Test, we achieved with the noise cancellation almost the promised four and a half hours. This is not in order, but just for longer trips so much. The competition, however, offers much more.

The 279 francs is a fair Deal. No other model offers a Noise-canceling, similar battery life, and wireless Charging at a significantly lower price.

If the Airpods Per match, then you are one of the best wireless In-Ear headphones on the market. If not, maybe the normal Airpods an Alternative. The there still, with prices starting at 179 Swiss francs.