The government to increase subsidizing regional air transport in 2020, with an additional 3 billion rubles. the airlines operating new aircraft. According to interlocutors of “Kommersant”, the money is enough to bring to market a new player. They can be controlled by the Rostec Red Wings, which until the end of the year plans to get a few new SSJ100.The government plans to allocate 3 billion rubles to subsidize interregional (bypassing Moscow) air, from the June letter to Deputy Minister of transport of the innocent Alafinova in the economy (there is a “b”). The transport Ministry is preparing amendments to the rules of providing subsidies for the formation of a regional route network as prescribed in the decree 1242. Also, the government will allocate an additional 1.67 billion rubles to subsidize transportation at a special low rate for the poor in the far East, in Crimea and Kaliningrad (for 2020 initially allocated 5,8 billion roubles).In 2018 to subsidize interregional transportation was allocated 3.3 billion rubles in 2019 will amount to 7.8 billion rubles., the budget for 2020 was pledged 8.3 billion RUB In the letter of Mr. Alafinova says that the funds will be allocated after the application of restrictive measures related to the coronavirus. Money can be obtained only by the operators of new Russian aircraft. The Ministry of transport does not explain what types of vessels involved. In Russia, for regional traffic are produced on the SSJ100 aircraft, L-410 and TVs-2MS (single copies). Among the operators of the SSJ100, in particular, the airline “azimuth”, “Iraero”, “Yakutia”, “Yamal”.To minimize risks to the aircraft industry, adopted an additional package of stimulus measures cumulatively for 15 billion rubles for two years. Due to them we can put 59 SSJ100 aircraft and 66 helicopters for sanitary aviatsiyu the Ministry of Finance advised the “b” contact the Ministry of transport, in which he confirmed the plans to amend the rules. “Currently the document is in the approval procedure, therefore to comment on its details while early”,— said the Agency. The Ministry of economy said they support the measure as it will allow to increase production of Russian-made aircraft. In the Ministry noted the importance of funding was long-term and uniform over the years. FAS do not see antitrust violations that subsidies will be granted to operators of Russian equipment: “we Consider it appropriate to extend the practice support of Russian manufacturers, including the allocation of international air routes”.Kommersant’s sources in the industry are reminded that this year about his intentions to take to the Park SSJ100 said the airline Red Wings, controlled by Rostec. A few years ago the carrier was trying to master explately these aircraft, but abandoned them due to low economic efficiency. But after the onset of the pandemic and the sharp collapse in passenger traffic to the company’s management have no other option but to agree to the operation of these aircraft, say Kommersant’s sources in the industry. Until the end of the year, the company can get five cars, if you can find the lessor, which will Finance the deal.At the moment, Red Wings does not receive subsidies for regional transportation. Kommersant’s sources in the industry say that 3 billion rubles is enough to bring to the market for regional transport new airline. Thus, the volume of subsidies allocated this year, “Azimuth”, in the Park of which 11 SSJ100 is about 800 million rubles. “of Course, the other SSJ100 operators will submit new applications for grants. But 3 billion rubles may be sufficient at all,” says Kommersant’s source in one of the regional airlines. However, the subsidy mechanism assumes co-financing from regional authorities and the Red Wings have yet to agree on the allocation of money.Kommersant’s source in the company working with foreign regional aircraft believes that the subsidies allocated specifically for the SSJ100 will be spent inefficiently. “Find and roll out route under Stastny SSJ100, so that after some time these areas started to make a profit, is extremely difficult. Much easier to do it with the Embraer E170 (78 seats) or the CRJ-200 (50 seats)”,— he said. Chief expert of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE Fyodor Borisov believes that the state is entitled to impose conditions in the granting of subsidies to market participants. Airlines, he notes, can themselves form the Park, yet able to generate profit.Herman Kostryns’ka