the Export ban for military equipment from Germany to Saudi-Arabia has cost Airbus € 190 million. The Arab country has ordered a border security system in the group that can’t be delivered. The cost of the exit from the prestigious project A380 are now on the plans.

of the fluctuations came to the end of the Dollar: Airbus pays its 135’000 employee strong workforce, primarily in Euro, and sold his machines, but in dollars.

The new chief Executive, Guillaume Faury, had replaced three weeks ago, the German Tom Enders, the group is on course. The delivery of 880 to 890 transport aircraft and an increase in the adjusted operating profit (EBIT) by 15 percent this year are still feasible.

in 2018, brought 800 delivered Airbus aircraft as part of a net operating profit of 5.83 billion euros. “The civilian aircraft market continues to be robust, and also in the helicopter, defence and space business, we see good opportunities for the future,” said the Frenchman. In the first quarter, Airbus 162 (2018: 121) transport aircraft delivered. Boeing had to give up in the past week, his goals for 2019.

In the first quarter, the adjusted operating result (EBIT) stood at 549 (2018: 14) million euros and thereby exceeded the forecasts of analysts. The reason is the rising deliveries of the A320neo, which is more lucrative than the previous model, and progress in the production of the A350.

In the Long Version of the A321neo, the group fights but still with problems. “Airbus is working to improve the processes in the Management of his industrial system,” it was said in the message. Sales rose 24 percent to 12.5 billion euros, but was among the experts expectations. (zas/SDA)