This aircraft will revolutionize the flying, if it is in accordance with the manufacturer Airbus. In terms of Design and drive. “Bird of Prey” is the name of the study for a regional plane with hybrid-electric turbo-propeller drive.

Airbus has been inspired by nature. In the birds of prey, the undisputed kings of the skies. Thus, the shape of tail and wings, the tail and the wings of a bird of prey simulated. They have feather-like structures, which are actively controlled and very efficient to be.

Far more than a study

With the so-called bionic components, to the feathered tail and the feathered wing tips, will Airbus make to the aircraft of the future more efficient and young aviation engineers to Toulouse (F) lure. Therefore, the European aircraft maker and the “Bird of Prey presented” at the Royal International Air Tattoo Air Show in the English County of Gloucestershire with great fanfare.

The whole thing was far more than one of the countless studies which disappear later back in the drawer. While it is a “theoretical Design” and should “not be a real aircraft,” says Airbus. But: “It’s based on realistic ideas for a future regional aircraft,” said Airbus squad Martin Aston at the presentation.

“fly needs to be cleaner and quieter”

the medium-term objectives are clear – not only for Airbus. “We must make air travel more sustainable. The fly is supposed to be cleaner, greener and quieter than ever before,” said Martin Aston. To fly the eye-catching bird with an environmentally friendly engine, which should burn less fuel than conventional aircraft in this size class. (pbe)