Recently ventured Germania flight AG, the new beginning. The Swiss offshoot of the insolvent German airline Germania was: We want to be alone. And: We are 100 percent Swiss. So far, the Germans held 40 per cent, 60 per cent were Swiss investors – who wanted to be called.

It remained unclear, who joined Germania flight AG. As the “trade newspaper” has learned from industry circles, is behind the discreet move on the part of Leyla Ibrahimi-Salahi. The Swiss entrepreneur is VR-President and Head of the Air Prishtina.

Board of Directors: “Yes, it’s true,”

Urs Pelizzoni, the Board of Directors of the Germania airline, confirmed to the “Handelszeitung” on Friday afternoon: “Yes, it is true, Mrs Ibrahimi-Salahi has taken over their participation in society Albex Aviation 100 percent of the shares.” Ibrahimi-Salahi was not in the short term be reached for comment.

With the entry of Ibrahimi-Salahi to establish the crisis-ridden Germania flight in the Swiss aviation market. After the insolvency of the German Germania only customers were shaking, whether your Tickets will still be valid and whether you should book in the future with the Airline. Also for tour operators, it has remained unclear how to do it.

Gemania flight has three aircraft in use, and Air Prishtina are already for some years in the business. Air Prishtina operates no aircraft of its own, but is represented in the market for the so-called ethnic travel. The company is a leading and established itself throughout Europe as a provider for air travel in Kosovo and in Macedonia. About a website for example, flights from Zurich to destinations such as Ohrid, Skopje, Pristina and Tirana book.

Swiss with kosovo-Albanian roots

Ibrahim Salahi is roots Swiss with kosovo-Albanian. Her father, Bexhet Salahi, came in the 1970s in Switzerland, and had built the company. The Air Prishtina was founded in 1981, originally as a reisebüro Prishtina (RBP).

The father offered his compatriots travel to the home and organized in 1981, the first civilian flight at the military aerodrome in Pristina. After the sudden death of the father Ibrahimi-Salahi took over in the year 2005, now generates an annual turnover of around 60 million Swiss francs.

the shares of the Germania flight AG is 100% in Swiss hands, announced the airline on Tuesday. To the shareholder but has agreed to remain silent. The new Germania flight is facing a major challenge: The holiday flight business from Zurich, for example, is firmly in the hands of Edelweiss. Bernd Bauer, the Edelweiss-in-chief, observed the development in Germania, Switzerland, with interest, he said recently in an Interview with the “Handelszeitung”.

the topic of Rebranding

unlike the German Germania to in this country, no plane on the ground. “We are keeping our promise to the flight plan, operating in Switzerland, moderately and maintain a stable upright”, said Germania-flight-in-chief Tobias Somandin on Tuesday. We are on course and happy about the great trust of the Swiss tour operators.

Currently, Germania, Switzerland is busy with their tag: in the Future, different processes, which are now performed even in Berlin should be incorporated into your own structures or provider in Switzerland to move on, so Somandin. A brand change as well as adaptation of the appearance of further steps in the transformation process, the chief.

in The winter as in the summer flight plan in 2019, will hold the Airline unchanged. What are the costs due to the Rebranding as a Swiss brand, would determine the company is currently said Pelizzoni, compared to the “trade newspaper” at the time.

This article was published in the “handelszeitung”. More exciting articles, see