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Angled about with the focus on the proposal of the MDGS, on Friday. 15.20.

– the Defence should be inserted, in cooperation with the agricultural sector. It is a great samfunnsorganisasjon who are experts on the organization. Where we have thousands of young, physically strong people, ” says Sigrid Heiberg, leader at Miljøpartiet De Green in Oslo.

BETTING ON GREEN: Sigrid Heiberg, head of the Oslo MDG, will use the Armed forces in the agricultural sector because she believes they are better suited to the task.

Photo: MDG

There is great turmoil in the Norwegian farming ahead of this year’s season.

It is difficult for foreign seasonal workers to come to Norway now because of the korona crisis. Thus the agricultural sector without the necessary labor to all tasks that are waiting.

It takes around 30,000 workers. The authorities pleading to the people, and have so far been delivered to laid off expatriates, students and seniors.

Heiberg and several voices in the MDG believes the problem can be solved through extended military duty.

– Vernepliktsloven open that it is possible to use Defense so. They have invaluable experience, and can perhaps also help to organize others who can help, for example, laid off students and workers.

CONSCRIPTS: Heiberg says there is no shortage of free labour now, but that working in agriculture require knowledge and training. – Today’s farms are kunnskapsbedrifter, and the use of agricultural machinery and vehicles is risky. Arkivbilde: Conscripts by Mågerø.

Photo: Philip Hofgaard / NRK Agricultural need hands

And help in the agricultural sector must come quickly. Våronna is started in several places, other places it just around the corner.

– no later in the day we were told that some of our workers do not get a visa. Thus we lose important grunnkompetanse. Here, the authorities on the field, ” says farmer Per Odd Gjestvang at Skreia in the Toten.

He says he has faith that it will resolve itself, but that koronaviruset has created great challenges for him and other farmers.

He still hopes on a combination of the fixed, foreign workforce, and laid off the norwegians.

– Now have people who goes home a nice opportunity. Here they can get use the body, and working out in all kinds of weather, ” says Per Odd first edition of on the Vang farm in Skreia.

NEED HANDS: Per Odd first edition will among other things set out the 3 million (!!!) leek and løkplanter about a few weeks. When he needs help.

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

Not everyone is as positive as the first edition. Farmers NRK has been in contact with considering to drop grønnsaksdyrkingen in the year.

Authorities urge that the farmers take våronn as planned, and ask people who are laid off sign up to the service of agriculture.

Over 200,000 laid off

the Spread of koronaviruset has put a fear in the business community. Several businesses have either sent employees to the home office or put in the time permitteringer.

the Nav has now received close to 290 000 applications for unemployment benefits in two weeks.

It means that many people go home, without work to take care of.

at the same time, the agricultural sector without the normal supply of seasonal workers from countries like Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Vietnam.

It is uncertain whether they all can come to the Uk, which more or less has closed the borders. Furthermore, it must be taken into account smittesituasjonen, both in the countries they come from and here in the country.

A whole family lose one year of income

Kestutis Paliulis helps seasonal workers from Lithuania to find a job in Norway. He organizes contact and is an interpreter.

He says that for many of these is the money they earn in Norway the whole family in Lithuania to be clear in the rest of the year.

ORGANIZER: Kestutis Paliulis is a link between the farmers and the many workers from Lithuania. He fears the situation koronaviruset has created.

Photo: private

He dares not think of what would happen if they don’t get to come to Norway to work in the agricultural sector.

– It is very difficult to get a job in Lithuania. I dare do no more than only hope that this work out. It is the case in several countries, when we get to the end, not something to eat, ” he says.

Considering to drop våronna

Asbjørn Torp in Stange is one of the farmers who is now considering whether he should continue with the production of vegetables or not.

If he does våronn that normally comes to the large workload in June.

PRICEY VÅRONN: Asbjørn Torp in Stange must soon make the decision whether he will so, without being sure if he gets the harvested vegetables.

Photo: Private

– I’m considering to at least cut down on production. I can lose a lot of money if I put vegetables now that no one can take up. However, we shall have food for the winter so we need to act now, ” he says.

Torp hires usually seasonal workers from, among other things, Lithuania and Vietnam.

He is excited about the norwegians can do the same job.

– This is the hard and tedious work. They are willing to do this for sesongarbeidertariff, ask Torp.

Managing director at Gartnerhallen, Elisabeth Morthen, confirms that many of the grøntprodusentene now is uncertain.

– We find that there is uncertainty about how the regulations for entry to the Uk are to be interpreted. It is necessary with the fast clarification from the authorities in order to ensure sufficient access to labour. For many, a combination of Norwegian and foreign workers get the solution, she says.

– Very important with the Norwegian food production is now

Guro Angell Gimse, landbrukspolitisk spokesperson in the Right, says it is very important that farmers take våronna as planned.

– There are reasons to look at this with greater concern. Workers can become sick and a lot can happen. It is very important that we maintain the matvareproduksjonen in Norway, says Gimse.

She says that the government is working to resolve the situation.

CRISIS: – One of the reasons that we wanted a kriselov now, is to quickly sort out in the regulations around this we now see in agriculture, ” says landbrukspolitisk advocate in the Right, Guro Angell Gimse.


– Now, it is important to get mobilization of both students and laid off. The government shall ensure that the farmer get the work force they need, says Gimse.

Gimse says that this will be on a voluntary basis and not forced.

I think that it is biased to believe that the norwegians can’t do this type of work, ” she says.

MINISTER: Olaug Bollestad says efforts are being made continuously by putting in place solutions for agriculture.

Photo: orbjørn Tandberg Bollestad want to bet on the laid off

In Olaug Bollestad say they now look at all the suggestions that come from the statistics cover a sample.

– We encourage both those who lack labour, and those who can take a job in agriculture, to use the channels that exist. The feedback I have received, shows that people are now starting to sign up.

She says that she also will look at the proposal for MDG to put into Defense into agriculture, but that they already contribute a lot on other important areas such as health, and to ensure karantenebestemmelser and team security.

– We must first and foremost focus on the unemployed, both the long-term unemployed and those laid off, for the agricultural its part now, says Bollestad.

At Skreia in Østre Toten is a farmer Per Odd Gjestvang clear that the uncertainty is larger than in a long time.

– we Have not food are the problems. It is always important with våronn, but extra important in years, ” he says.

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