the proposal by The former agriculture Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann was highly controversial. In order to receive direct payments, no longer should be a lesson to you in the future. Schneider-Ammann wanted to set the hurdle higher, and in the future, for farmers, the professional examination, a prerequisite to receive support from the state. That would have meant about a year longer, the school bench press.

direct payment rate is not enough

His successor, Guy Parmelin (59), self-trained Wine-maker, throwing the Plan overboard. Because the resistance in the consultation process was so great, he gave to it, the screw at the training so attract. The professional examination should not be – to the delight of the farmers Association, also in the future, a prerequisite for direct payments.

However, Something more stringent of the Federal Council wants to be. So, there will no longer be possible in the future to get direct payments, if you only have the Federal vocational certificate in the pocket – a prerequisite for a two – year apprenticeship, or as a newcomer, has just graduated from a so-called direct payment rate. This tightening was supported in the consultation wide.

In the year 2017, nearly 400 people have completed one of these two courses.

lease law remains as it is

The adjustments to the training requirements are only a small part of the agricultural policy 22+ (AP22+), the framework for the agricultural policy 2022 to 2025. Almost 14 billion Swiss francs to spend, the Federal Council is in favour of what is practically the same as in the past. He also adheres to the consultation. Because there are less and less farmers, more for those who make more: According to the Federal Council by 2025, each operating an average monthly 1000 francs more subsidies.

The financial framework remains the same – the content of the one or the other changes, however. Repair of the Federal Council wants to allowances, among other things, for the adjustment of the land lease law and Amendments to the so-called Milk. Schneider-Ammann was going to pay the farmers for silage-free milk twice as much, because with her high-quality raw milk cheese can be produced. He dispensed with now.

Parmelin is gearing up against drinking water Initiative,

had been Positively received in the consultation, the package of measures, the Federal Council has put together to prepare against the currently debated in Parliament drinking water Initiative. It should remain part of the AP22+.

in Addition, the government has decided a mandatory reduction plan for nitrogen and phosphorus surpluses through the Fertilizing. They are to be reduced by 2025 to be at least 10 and up to 2030 by at least 20 percent (compared to 2015). Open is what happens if these targets are not missed.

in considering a possible legal basis, so that the government can act if the pesticide limit values are exceeded in lakes or streams. Under the auspices of the Federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communications (Detec) to the Confederation and the cantons in the next months, proposals on how the government writes.

protection from severe weather-damage

finally, the Federal Council has decided to engage more farmers under the arms, it goes to negative consequences of climate change. The Federal Council wants to create a legal basis to be able to premiums for insurance against extreme weather events to participate. Thus, they wanted to position the agriculture “in the case of harvest losses caused by climate change, better”. (lha/SDA)