A member of the military Council said early Wednesday morning that they had jointly decided a period of three years. In addition, should be decided within 24 hours on the composition of the government Council.

a month after the overthrow of long-standing heads of state Omar al-Bashir had protest movement and the military leadership on Monday agreed in principle on a joint government body. The new Council should be composed of military and civilian representatives.

The army had a three-decades-long authoritarian ruling al-Bashir, after months of mass protests on 11. April plunged. For a transitional period of two years initially, the military Council has used the protest movement saw in this body, however, a continuation of the government of al-Baschirs.

In the Sudanese city of Omdurman protested after the death of five protesters and an army officer again, dozens of people on Tuesday against the President of the military Council, according to eyewitnesses.

Some blocked the roads with burning tires. “Protect your home or prepare to die”, they cried. According to eyewitnesses, soldiers were deployed in the city.