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After several days of negotiations, have the republicans and democrats finally land a giant package of economic stimuleringstiltak to meet the challenges as a result of koronakrisen.

It confirms Trumps legal counsel Eric Ueland on Wednesday morning Norwegian time. When had the negotiations lasted until after midnight in Washington.

ladies and gentlemen, we are finished. We have an appointment, was the short message from the Ueland to reporters in the hallway of the United states kongressbygning.

the Agreement came into place after several days of intense negotiations and growing pressure. It must still be approved by the Senate and house of Representatives before it is sent to president Donald Trump for the signing. It will happen later Wednesday, according to the Senate flertallsleder Mitch McConnell.

Trump will sign the agreement U.s. treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin says Trump is “absolutely” going to sign the agreement if it arrives on his table.

When it became known that the parties approached a solution step the Dow Jones index in the united STATES over 11 per cent on Tuesday. The increase is the largest in one day since 1933.

Overall, it was the best day on Wall Street in ten years, according to the Financial Times. Also the stock exchange in Tokyo rose on Wednesday around 8 per cent, as a result of the news of the krisepakken in the united STATES.

Krisepakken includes, among other things, payments made to american households, 367 billion dollars in assistance to the smaller companies, 500 million to larger businesses that are struggling, support for the tourism industry and extended unemployment benefits.

the Reason why the agreement has not entered the space the past is that there has been disagreement between Democrats and Republicans and The white house about the composition. Two times is a proposal been voted down in the Senate.

the Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said according to Reuters that the agreement that the agreement also will provide 130 billion dollars in aid to hospitals in the country.

– Wartime-level on investment

McConnell says krisepakken will quickly provide financial assistance to americans.

– This is an investment on par with what we see during wartime in the nation, ” he says.

McConnell have previously discussed koronautbruddet as the biggest threat to americans ‘ health over 100 years and sannynligvis the greatest danger for the country, employment and development since the great depression.

But despite the health risks for many americans, is not president Trump especially thrilled that the country is closed down as a result of measures to slow the spread of virtuset.

During his daily press conference Monday, said Trump that he looked forward to to ease the restrictions that have led to a dramatic abandonment of large portions of the u.s. economy.

America will soon again be open for business, ” said Trump, and added that the economy will be back in the normal thread faster than “three to four months”.

the President suggested that he will light on the imposed restrictions about the reduced social contact when the original period of 15 days runs out. It happens on Monday next week.

To the Fox News said Trump Tuesday that americans must prepare to go back on the job soon.

– Much earlier than people thought. I would loved to have the land opened and eager to put in the time again within the easter, he said.

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