Pladeaktuelle Agnes Obel has inherited musikaliteten from his father and tells here that the specific context can feel both a blessing and a curse.

When have you been most afraid?
“As a child I was close to losing my father. I can still remember the feeling and the fear that we would never see him again, and that one would be changed and never be the same again. Today I can see the sense in dreams, or in certain pieces of music, but it has, thankfully, not the same power over me as then.”

You say that the fear had power over you – can you elaborate on it?
“My experience of being afraid of something is that it is a paramount experience, where one can’t step away from it. Actually, I see it a bit like something that is outside of one’s language, but as I can recognize in the music.”

“sometimes you can hear a very dramatic piece of music which reminds one of the fear. That’s how it is with the most amazing experiences and feelings – you recognize I am also in the music.”

How have you been able to use the music in all that?
“I sometimes have used music to understand my father, because he walked much up in the music. In one of my biggest tracks, ‘Just So’, which I wrote for my first plate, but, I don’t me that I was him. I tried like to sing the song from his perspective.”

“But the fear I have not had the desire to have again, so I have deliberately not made any music on it. This is my biggest nightmare, as I have no desire to relive.”

“Additionally, I like that the music is more multifaceted, as it not only is dark. I have always tried to have an element of hope – even in the sad.”

Had you and your dad the music together, already when you were a child?
“Yes! He played always very and went very much up in the music. I experience it a little, as if I have inherited my musicality from him.”

“But we have never really talked about it on the way, and he had five children, of which I am the only one of them working with music. Therefore, I have always thought that I was the only one who had inherited the blessing and the curse, in one form or another.”

“My mother also plays music, but I have experienced it, as if it was more important to him in one way or another. It was a place where he could be who he was – how to completely immediately, and that’s how I experience it really also with myself.”

“This is where I can be hundred percent myself, and how I should not take a position on any other social account. We are, of course, all subject to the situation, as we are born into, and the expectations that are around us – and that I experience music as a space, which is immediately and freely for it.”

the Article is published in collaboration with All for the Ladies.