Agata muceniece touched by users poems about divorcing Priluchny

30-year-old Russian actress of Latvian origin, star of TV series “Closed school” Agata muceniece has published a touching poem dedicated to divorce with actor Paul Priluchny. A few days ago Priluchny wrote that the couple decided to divorce by mutual consent, but makes it a grown-up, remaining friends, and intends to continue to take care of children. However, Agatha’s parting was not as rosy as it looked from the message of Paul.

Agatha and previously published in his Instagram messages that talked about the fact that she is experiencing strong emotions and bitter feelings. Today she published a poem, which talks about how difficult it is to maintain relationships.

“We were and now we are no.. / But I stubbornly wait. That you’ll attain this wisdom / Whisper – in spite of love / Forgive me. / I’m sorry…,” wrote the actress, referring to Paul.

Then she says maybe when they are old, their hands re-merge, but it doesn’t matter because they will go walking and will remember what they were fools.

“Poems to tears , to soul, to heart! What a pity!”, – responded one of the readers.

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Publish from Agata M (@agataagata) Feb 28 2020 at 5:31 PST