Against the

French police once again had to use tear gas to disperse the demonstration, “yellow jackets”, reports TASS. Members of the movement planned to March from the Louvre to the National Assembly. Because the demonstration was unauthorized, police blocked off several blocks and the blocked part of the demonstrators on the Rue de Rivoli.

In the process of dispersal, the police repeatedly fired tear gas grenades. For assaulting law enforcement officers were arrested two protestors. 19 — fined for participating in demonstrations in the territory where the ban prefect for this kind of event. According to reports on Twitter, it was 135 euros.

the Clashes with police were recorded in other cities of the country. In particular, tear gas was used by the gendarmerie in the French Montpellier (Department of Herault, South of the country), where the creators of the theme page in “Facebook” called to bring the “yellow jackets” from all over France. The situation remains tense in Toulouse, where also were recorded some episodes of confrontation between police and protesters.