In Germany the housing shortage. Especially in the metropolises of buyers and tenants would have a hard time to find a new home. Housing costs but, above all, a one – time. Many people, however, have not. Therefore, of all things, a car scrappage scheme to create a remedy.

a suggestion to the policy

According to mark Smith, President of the construction industry in Baden-Württemberg, could put a car scrappage scheme land faster, and thus the housing to accelerate. Are meant especially areas with dilapidated Altimmobilien, whose renovation is no longer worthwhile in economic terms. Because demolition and new construction are expensive, they must be, according to Smith: “A scrappage scheme would provide incentives to regenerate areas.” The real estate market of houses and apartments in FOCUS classifieds

to Pay, according to Boell of the state. In Baden-Württemberg alone, the increase in the transfer tax from 3.5 to five percent have flushed since 2011, around three billion euros more in the coffers. “This additional revenue could be lead with a scrappage scheme specifically back,” says Böll. Although its exposure is to the state of Baden-Württemberg. However, the model is also nationwide possible.

the model could be a shortage of housing, alleviate

Especially in large cities, where the construction of a new property tax, could provide the model of the new incentives. As a result of the densification of cities is a lack of land prevails, is one every square meter. Also in dilapidated properties, which are on relatively large plots of land, could meet the car scrappage scheme for your purpose.

Smith suggests that an independent Commission will decide what property to be demolition worthy and which are not. In addition to the condition of the property, other criteria would have to play an important role – the protection of historic buildings. In simple terms, Here the individual decides.

the owner’s Association is in favour of the proposal

Also Matthias to Eicken, Secretary for housing and urban development policy by the owner Association Haus und Grund, the proposal makes sense: “in Principle, I can imagine that this measure can provide a stimulus for new investment.” PDF Of Focus-real estate, Atlas 2018

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If the housing shortage could be with a scrappage scheme to alleviate, we could not assess, however, difficult. “With a few exceptions, there is nationwide no surveys, how many properties are actually condemned”, declared Eicken. In other words: no one knows how much building area can really be set free. To this end, an individual, object-related analysis.

Who will benefit from the scrappage scheme?

To himself, however, clear that in the first place, the construction industry itself benefits of a scrappage scheme: More demolition and more new building construction fuller order books and thus more sales. win-win.

nevertheless, he said the downstream effects of view: the owner and the landlord have an interest in more housing. More apartments are built, there is an increased offer – and this can lead to falling prices. "Around 66 percent of the rental properties are explained in the possession of private owners, so small landlords", to Eicken.

More new construction is slowing, the rapid development of rental rates. “If you manage to put the entire value-added chain in motion, then all can benefit – the tenants,” says the expert. PDF So you Finance your home Our PDF guide shows you how to find cheap loans, pitfalls to bypass and get money from the state.To the PDF guide

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