As reported by “Kommersant” with reference to data of the Central election Commission of Russia, Nenets Autonomous Okrug was the only region where a majority of citizens voted against the proposed amendments to the main law of the country.

This conclusion was made after treatment, 96% of the protocols. Information on the CEC map of Nenets Autonomous Okrug is highlighted as a region, which voted 25 to 50%. It was opposed by 54% of voters, for 45,01%.

the highest level of approval of amendments to the Constitution of Tuva, where they were supported by 97% of voters. In Moscow the amendments approved by 65.7% of voters after treatment 80% of protocols.

In the whole country after processing of 97% of protocols, the amendment was supported 78,06% of the citizens voted against — 21,13%. The provisional turnout was 65%.

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